Keep Democrats In

People in America want to get rid of the Democrats because they say they have not done enough and our country is in debt. Think about it, people: Who got us into this mess??? Six years of President George W. Bush got us in debt, because he reduced taxes to the rich and big corporations, and now poor Obama has been expected to solve this problem in no time at all. Al Franken made a speech recently and compared it to a car, it takes no energy for a car to run downhill, but a lot more to push it back up. In order words it was easy for Bush to take all our tax money away but it’s harder for Obama to fix it. I, myself, am guilty of being impatient with Obama but I am realizing we need to give him more

time, and if we elect the tea party members—they want to take all the power away from the government which is not what we need, we need the government to monitor big corporations, like Bank of America just to mention one, and penalize them for taking money from the government but not helping the people. Trickle down theory is what Republicans believe in, but I am sorry to say that does not work. So it is time, and I am expecting Obama to do this after the midterm elections if the Democrats are in the majority: Make the rich and the corporations pay their share of taxes, which is what happens in all of Europe but not here. If government cannot run anything, which is what the tea party believes, then how come Social Security has been running so well all these years? My husband has been getting his Social Security on time for the last five years, and I myself have just started getting mine. Wake up, America, keep Democrats in.

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