Ode to Summer Passed

City Drops Ball on Beach Art Show

Before this summer started, the city came one day
and asked Beach Art Show members please to figure out a way
The city could get richer from the show we do each week
Besides fees we already pay, which had reached their peak.

“We’re paid a lot and you are not, but please meet to figure ways
More dough could come in from the show you have there on Sundays.”
“Hmmm,” said we, “Isn’t this your job? To make the city money?
But still, we’ll do this job for you for free to keep things sunny.”

And so we met in earnest then, to hammer out a plan
To get more tourist money for the city if we can.

Lyn Gianni
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Paul Wellman

Lyn Gianni

“An ATM would help,” we said, “And maybe sell some food.
Or drinks, at least. And giving tourists benches would be good.
They walk a long way through our show and often they get tired
Refreshments and a place to sit would seem to be required.
Right now they’re offered nothing and it seems a simple thing
At least to trade some comfort for the dollars that they bring.”

“An ATM!” the city said,” Yes, that’s a great idea!
We’ll charge a fee for everyone who gets some money here!
And food’s no problem, not at all; we’ll surely find some takers
Who want to sell refreshments on the sidewalk near the breakers.”

Oh! We were so excited for this all to come to pass,
The city listened, finally, and planned to act, at last!

Or so we thought.

But summer came and summer went, the tourists did that too,
No ATM appeared, no food, no drinks, no follow-through.
You’d think a city in the red would want to do its best
To put a good foot forward and to feather its own nest.

Was putting forth the effort for this just too big a task?
How sad, it looks like these few things were just too much to ask.

The beach show artists did their part and came up with the plans
That would have put a lot of profit in the city’s hands.
So here we are, with nothing changed; our budget still is red
The city could be richer… ah, but now the summer’s dead.

Dear Santa Barbara, hang your head; your leaders are well paid,
But what’s the point of paying them if progress is not made?
The citizens want changes for the betterment of all
Not what we’re getting: bulb outs and deaf ears when we call.
We lost a chance here where the city could have made a haul,
Looks like the same old story, some official dropped the ball.

Lyn Giani is a painter who exhibits at galleries in Lahaina, Maui, and at the Arts and Crafts Show at East Beach.

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