The L Word

Damp Dirt on a Hot Day

Stormy (11-year-old Aussie): “Love is when you are happy to see others. Love is when you feel special when someone is around. Love is when you try hard to learn about a new friend. Love is when you smile at someone and be with them even when you really feel like going back to bed.”

Makia (15-year-old cat): “Love is when you care about yourself first thing in the morning. If you love yourself it is easier to love others. Love is caring about your space and the foods you eat. Love is watching a butterfly fly to a flower.”

Joey (16-year-old cat): “Love is wanting to be well so that you can spend more time with others. Love is snuggling on a cold night. Love is being able to share the same space with someone and not have to explain yourself.”

Serafina (10-year-old cat): “Love is being able to tell someone who is angry at you that they are hurting your feelings. Love is listening with your heart and then thinking about what you are going to say back. Love is watching over someone who is sick so if they hurt you can tell their person. Love is being rescued.”

Bean (4-year-old bunny): “Love is being able to love a lot of things. I love carrot tops, my family, and a fresh warm towel to sleep on. I also love the feeling of damp dirt on a hot day. Love is when my cats look out for hawks when I play on the lawn. Love is also written in classical music. I have heard it.”

Maia (wolf-dog in heaven): “When you concentrate on your breathing and being positive, love is all around you and it is attracted to you. Love is what makes good people have miracles. Love is what draws abundance to you. Love is trusting your instincts and getting yourself out of a bad, toxic environment. Love is knowing what beings are healthy for you and what beings are not. True love is being reborn with someone over and over so that you can find joy and work through suffering together. If two beings love each other then they will always affect each other. I know this because I see how the strings of love are attached. You can have true love in many different relationships. I have true love with my mom down on earth. Love is also knowledge. If you allow yourself to feel love, more love will come. Love is scary for some. Love has to do with trust. Learning to trust is like learning how to walk or to communicate. Love is in everything if you let it. You have to let it or it will stay away. Love is real.”

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