PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Sunday, December 16, 2012

UCSB Communication Course Studies Effects of Chronic Uncertainty on Undocumented Immigrants

Moments of uncertainty creep into everyone’s lives at one time or another, but for some people — or groups of people — those moments are a way of life rather than a passing circumstance.

At UC Santa Barbara, a senior capstone course taught by Walid Afifi, professor of communication, has examined the impact of chronic uncertainty on the wellbeing of one particular group — undocumented immigrants in the Santa Barbara area.

For the 15 students enrolled in the course, it’s hardly the traditional classroom experience. Their primary assignment was to lead a series of focus groups, in which participants discussed the challenge of going about their daily lives while the very real threat of deportation hangs over their heads. As part of the course — but separate from the focus groups — the students also participated in events designed to serve the undocumented community in Santa Barbara County.

The course involved collaboration with IDEAS, the UCSB student organization that serves undocumented immigrants, and La Casa de la Raza, the Santa Barbara organization that serves the local Latina/o community.

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