2012 Summer Solstice Workshop

Tana Wilcox

2012 Summer Solstice Workshop

2012 Summer Solstice Workshop

A CAGEY CREW: The Santa Barbara Independent’s multimedia sales manager Robby Robbins is celebrating his sixth straight year of Solstice parading, and this Saturday, his crew — led by artist-in-residence Ann Chevrefils and including Tessa Flanagan, Bryan O’Quinn, Angel Cline, Scott DeLarvin, Melissa O’Donnel, DeeAnn DeLarvin, Barry Remis, Tracy Jackson, Paul Cavagnaro, Anthony Cavagnaro, Donnie Watts, and Connie Sullivan (pictured above) — will be walking their “Things with Wings” up State Street. A massive birdcage featuring everything from a flying pig and 12-foot flamingo to a crazy macaw and the last dodo, the float falls under this year’s theme, Fantasy, which opened the floodgates for creativity in the workshop. Explained Robbins, “There are some really beautiful things happening this year.”

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