Congratulations to the folks who vilify marijuana, be they police, feds, local government officials, drug company propagandists, or just self-righteous narrow-minded do-gooders.

By closing down all the medical marijuana dispensaries you have been successful in preventing thousands of people who daily endure excruciating long-term pain from being helped by a healthy medicinal weed that people in Colorado can legally grow in their gardens. One of the most common symptom of unrelenting pain is chronic depression that is its’ own living hell and can result in death by suicide.

The law-abiding citizens of Santa Barbara and other locales must now either become criminals by buying pot illegally or spend thousands of dollars on more dangerous prescription drugs that are addictive and usually cause much worse side effects.

Does anyone wonder where all that seized weed went? Was it burned or sold? Wherever it went, thousands are suffering in ways they would not have to do if this city and our country weren’t so puritanical and backwards. But I guess as long as alcohol is easily available and the drug companies happily enrich themselves at our expense, we shouldn’t worry.

This letter was amended on March 29 to correct an editor's confusion: The writer's intended meaning was that unrelenting pain (which marijuana relieves) can cause chronic depression leading to suicide. She did not mean that marijuana relieves depression.

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