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Posted on May 6 at 6:58 p.m.

We have gathered our belongings in the light of our firing ways.

Gaea, please be kind to the springtime birds who have yet grown wings to fly!

Create a fire break that protects, but does not burn too deep into our shared skin.

Please protect us Gaea; protect the innocent Others and children of the Sun;

...boiling over river, fire poppy, horned ones, and winds of ash.

Let us pass without too much of your flurry and flame to blacken and block our broken path.

Let us pass into the River, to heal and restore, to form a great circle that you can embrace.

Let us pass deep into your canyon and rejoice in a chorus of song and dance once again.

Fire and water unite. A common archetype in this springtime fire. Let us find comfort in the sundowner that lies ahead!

On Jesusita Fire Rages "Out of Control"

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