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Posted on December 13 at 5:34 p.m.

Ken, FYI many Ottoman Sultans married non-Turks and treated Turks not so favorably. Plus, it's nice of Kurdish Turks to be elected to President or Prime Minister quite often. If PKK wants to terrorize the region despite this type of freedom and democracy, shame on them.

On Not Genocide

Posted on December 13 at 4:29 p.m.

Ken, your anger is amazing. Turkey is not against an independent Kurdistan outside of its territory, but understandably Syria, Iran, and Iraq are. If one day the USA is no longer a world power, will you be OK with different ethnic backgrounds declaring war against the mainland and establishing their own little countries? Or would you be OK with giving American Indians the entire North America back now? After all, weren't they here before? The truth is human beings are territorial in nature even though land ideally should belong to no one. Territories change from time to time (often as a result of blood shed) and the former habitants do not own and control that land anymore.

On Not Genocide

Posted on December 13 at 1:06 p.m.

Wow, the hatred of some American Armenians against Turks for a mutual killing spree initiated by Armenian revolutionary forces against the Ottoman Empire, their own country, and innocent Turks, their own neighbors, almost 100 years ago is unbelievable.

1) For genocide to have occurred, all Armenians living in the Empire would have been targeted not just the ones who revolted. Other Armenians, for instance those living in Istanbul and minding their own business, were not targeted because there was no genocide.

2) Current Turks, many of whom are good friends with their Armenian neighbors living in Turkey, have nothing to do with the unfortunate events of the past, just as the current Armenians, many of whom are good friends with their Turkish neighbors, cannot be held responsible for the deeds of their ancestors forever.

3) California legislators, you were elected to represent your constituents from diverse backgrounds fairly and honestly. Blindly passing laws that do not concern California residents based on unfounded claims by certain Armenian lobbyists is plain wrong.

It’s time to champion peace between current Armenians and Turks!

On Not Genocide

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