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Posted on December 17 at 7:12 p.m.

"Won't somebody please think of the children!"
-Helen Lovejoy

On Hungry on the Holidays

Posted on December 12 at 7:57 p.m.

skaterspoint, I see where you're going with more traffic, means more business. However, other than, maybe, Starbucks/Bottle Shop/CVS, you're comment, "i could care less about gridlock.. thats for people that choose to live out of town." You, appear, to be assuming (something you, and liberals, should never do) that those "people" choose to live "out of town". Maybe, just maybe, they cannot afford to live in Santa Barbara. The last thing they, those lesser individuals who live out of the area that you label as such, is gridlock. These hardworking folks just want to commute to, and from, Santa Barbara in a reasonable amount of time. You, "As a SB local" (sounding very arrogant by the way), seem to be a little out of touch with reality.

On Bare-Knuckle Politics — Santa Barbara-Style

Posted on December 4 at 9 p.m.

I am currently organizIng a protest riot, err "rally", in support of Ms. Moore. I feel she was unjustly targeted because she is a minority (Sharpton) and a female (Rodham-Clinton). The fact she was registered/listed on the mailbox, picked up the package of checks, and they (checks) were counterfeit, is of evidence of her guilt. Remember, it's "always" someone else's fault and, definitely, not Ms. Moore's responsibility. I could go on, but whose with me on crusading this "nonviolent" protest?!?!?!, cricket, cricket..... Wait, Eric Holder just weighed in & is launching a civil rights investigation. We're all SAVED!!!!

On Federal Court Dismisses Santa Barbara Woman's Discrimination Lawsuit

Posted on November 21 at 8:28 p.m.

Be very cautious of someone with a hyphenated last name (Rodham-Clinton). While it's not true of everyone, there seems to be a growing trend in this fashion. Call me crazy, but, a lot of these "-" folks always seem to be trying to, either, be "hip" or looking to gain an edge with a "outside the U.S." name.

Example: Does "James Segall" inspire you to hire him when you look him up in the phone book, err, online? Or does "James Segall-Gutierrez" cause you to call/click?

On Judge Dismisses Slander Lawsuit Filed By Gang Crackdown Defendants

Posted on November 21 at 8:13 p.m.

Audi & Native,

I Demand you stop that common sense logic you speak/type! Please realize this is California and we do not think in those terms. It is ALWAYS, either, someone else's fault, or, America's fault in general.

On Vigil for 43 Missing Mexican Students

Posted on November 21 at 8:06 p.m.

The comment I could make about the associated photo, alone, is worth a thousand words. However, because of the "furor" it would bring, I shall not. I would like to say that for all the time/effort/work the City of Santa Barbara, and county, does for a certain segment of our population, I'm a little tired of hearing how "oppressed" they claim to be.... I know, it sounds rude, harsh, etc. But, I'm I wrong?

On Beacons of Home

Posted on November 21 at 7:56 p.m.

This article states, "Sentenced to eight years in state prison". Hmmm, please allow me to translate the real/actual amount of time these "pillars of the community" will, most likely, serve:

Go ahead and, immediately, subtract four years for "good time." Meaning for everyday they serve, they receive a day off (credit) of their sentence. Then subtract the time they've already served in county jail. Not positive, but because of their crime, I'm going to guess they did not post bail and have probably been in custody since their arrest. Which, roughly, translates to one year and nine months.

That, my friends, brings the "true" time they will actually, serve to about two years and three months. Not a bad amount of time for almost killing someone. Besides, do you know the amount of "street cred" these guys will obtain? You cannot buy that in a store, err, online.

On Two Sentenced for Gang Stabbing

Posted on October 29 at 8:53 p.m.

I have to say, I've read your comments over these many months. At first, I thought you were "completely insane". Then, I gave you the benefit of the doubt ,slightly, when I read some of your "semi" rational comments, that made somewhat decent sense.... Don't get me wrong, I still thought you were suffering from some type of mental illness. I just believed you had moments of clarity.

I am now, however, convinced you are a person in need of some serious help. I know you'll read my comment & not be able to rationally comprehend what I'm writing, and you'll respond "accordingly". It's beyond your mental copacity, it really is. That's OK. Just know that your understanding of the "real world" is misguided and deranged. You need help, you really do! I wish you the best and hope you get help.

On Ventura Sheriff's Deputy Hit and Killed During Traffic Stop

Posted on May 24 at 11:23 p.m.

"wallymoon"- Law enforcement went to his residence, spoke with him & he displayed no signs of being mentally incompetent (You were not there, at the time of the call, so, do not judge). They did all that they could do. Law enforcement in Santa Barbara County did as they were required to do, i.e.: "check his welfare". He appeared to be able to care for himself and not be a danger/threat to himself or others at that time. "If" they (law enforcement) had decided to "violate" his Constitutional Rights & detain him for what he "allegedly" said, to his family members, they (law enforcement) would have been crucified, by you & your kind, for over reacting. Basically what I'm getting at is this: No matter what law enforcement did/does, it is "WRONG" in your book and is all their fault.

On Disturbing Details Released in Isla Vista Murders

Posted on May 8 at 7:41 p.m.

Mr. Mohr,

It was most likely, Peter Adam. If so, or whomever it was, good for them. Tax, Tax, Tax, seems to be the preferred method for our county supervisors, and others, to know how to generate money around here. Why punish those travelers, tourists, and so forth, for choosing to come to SB County, by charging them not the "average" tax of 12%, but .5% more. It does not seem like much of an incentive to vacation in our area. There will come a time when this "tax" well runs dry. Why not lower the tax, to gather folks to travel here, and exploit some of SB County's other resources (Gas & Oil come to mind) to gather more funds?

On Hotel Bed Tax Heading to Ballot

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