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Posted on August 15 at 1:30 p.m.

rblacumbre said: "75% to 24% Hmmm? When will the Old Farts on the SC realize this is still a Democracy and not push down their Dictatorial decisions on the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY! Somewhere in the Constitution I believe to be some verbiage about separation of Church and State."

rblabbumble: For starters this is not a scientific poll. Additionally, your opine reeks of a very young and rush to judgment, lack of life experience diatribe. What you really seem to miss from the SC decision is the fact that only one stipulation was ruled illegal by them. That decision will not cause a landslide against Roe V Wade, or a war on women. Stop repeating, like a robot, what your Marxist professors tell you to say.

You also need to remember that a "majority ruled" when the "Final Solution" was founded in 1933 and implemented in 1942 National Socialist Democrat Germany which resulted in that majority "cleansing" the Reich of approx. 14,000,000 people, including 6,000,000 Jews.

Wake up Youngster before someone adds you to the no-drain shower squad.

You also need to study your Constitution; it was framed by deeply religious founding fathers and there was never intended to be a complete separation.

On Was the Supremes' Hobby Lobby ruling right or wrong? Discuss.

Posted on August 15 at 1:05 p.m.

Wow Tubitha, reading some of your 800+ comments reveals a lot about you. I'd encourage you to do some true fact finding rather than suck down and propagate what you've "gleaned" from the left-wing agenda blogs.

On Measure P Lawsuits Commence

Posted on January 11 at 11:26 p.m.

The gang murder stat link for Los Angeles. Too long for the Independent comment box, just cut and paste carefully the three parts into browser. Sorry for the FACTS Juliosb.......

Anyhow folks, those of you without an AGENDA will get the picture.

On Cam Faces His Critics

Posted on January 11 at 11:17 p.m.

“Councilmember Cathy Murillo — no fan of the gang injunction”

Such a shocking revelation! A child of a gang member is against an injunction that would no doubt significantly impact the criminal enterprises performed by gang members. I’m (not) astonished. This statement alone probably underscores Murillo’s struggle with the gangster lifestyle:

“Murillo, who grew up in East Los Angeles, said her father was involved in a street gang, something that she struggled with for many years.”

“Gang Injunctions don't work. Juliosb”

I think the most local and glaring example that injunctions DO WORK is in Lompoc. I believe everyone in the City of Lompoc has a differing opinion than you do Juliosb; everyone except the gang members that have been served said-injunction. (Tsk, tsk.)

“If you believe they work then move to LA they have several injunctions to protect you against these brown people-Juliosb”

My oh my Julio, you seem to be quite the race baiter, PUEBLO (Or whatever they’re called now) could use a few more blowhards if you’re looking for a job. It astonishes me how race is made a factor by the gang members and other true racists, however, there is not a shred of proof provided.

Juliosb also demonstrates that he must not have been alive, or was oblivious to the 1970’s, and 1980’s to mid-1990’s of what was happening in Los Angeles.

Here Julio, take a look at this:

Of course the stats come from “Big Brother” and the drop in gang murders also happens to coincide with increased use of gang teams (Cops focusing gangs) and those cops working in harmony with City attorney’s at securing GANG INJUNCTIONS. Los Angeles has achieved very significant success using injunctions, along with numerous other communities around the State and Nation.

It should also be noted that during the successful, initial applications of gang injunctions in Los Angeles, Tom Bradley was Mayor.

Clearly Mayor Bradley was a racist that hated all gang members, regardless of their color.

Maybe Ms. Murillo should take note that her duty is to the public and not to her former/current ties to the underworld and extremist racist groups that propagate race baiting at public meetings and forums. But then again, Ms. Murillo clearly wants to put her UCSB degree in “Dramatic Art” to good use.

On Cam Faces His Critics

Posted on August 22 at 12:37 p.m.

"Hey I got a great idea that would end this type of grow operation- legalize it." -AZ2SB (anonymous profile)
August 20, 2012 at 12:19 p.m.

That would be brilliant. While we’re legalizing the dope for the dopes that smoke the dope, we should also create the "administrators/ Bureaucracy" to dispense the dope.

I vote for the current dopes that are growing the dope, specifically the Mexican Cartels, that our local dope users enjoy funding (by buying their dope.)

To make the dope and the Mexican Cartels “legit” they should all become County/City/State workers; and be represented by an honest and transparent labor union like SEIU.

The union dues paid by these Mexican Cartel/SEIU represented Union dope growers/dealers can be forwarded to the left-wing (socialist) members in State, local and the Federal government. That's something that the SEIU is already very good at.

Any profits made selling the dope to the dopes can be used to help off-set ammunition costs that the poor cartels are experiencing while they slaughter innocent people in Mexico and along our border.

Any other brilliant ideas AZ2SB?

On Massive Amounts of Marijuana Eradicated from Backcountry Grows

Posted on August 20 at 9:54 a.m.

I have a better idea; pensions were not even a blip on the radar a few years ago, but now that the State is going bankrupt, largely due to MASSIVE social entitlement programs, let's start chopping those instead of continuously hammering working Americans!

It would be nice to identify the people that want to hammer working people's pensions, simply to reveal their agendas. Are they in a rival union that is getting the squeeze caused by less Americans working/paying taxes? Are they part of the entitlement community, or people that have more money than all of us combined?

Call me crazy, but I have two young kids that I hope will someday have jobs, work hard for 30-40 years and be able to retire. Sure, go ahead and change retirements/pensions to "401K" type programs and when the next "Progressive/Change!" president tanks the economy, those employees can watch their retirements vaporize right before their eyes, rinse and repeat until death.

I also find it interesting that we are looking at the retirements of local government officials, but local government includes State employees too. Many of those State employees are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year at the UCSB teaching our kids. Didn't tuition just go up 18%?

Apparently government employees (Yes, your professor works for the government) in the UC system DO NOT want you to know how much they make. Check out this article:

The bottom line is that there really should be plenty of tax dollars to go around, especially if we ensure that Americans have jobs.

If I am going to get mad, some local examples of stupidity include: 5,000+ barrels of oil naturally seep out of Santa Barbara channel each year while gas is at $4 per gallon; Raytheon is leaving Goleta, moving to Texas which will cause the elimination of hundreds of local high-end jobs. Illegal aliens are given college funding, social entitlements and a part-time UC job (Read the front-page Independent article) at the expense of citizens. And our local govt. "leaders" crush the local economy with outrageous demands upon wanton employers, further compounding unemployment and tax revenue
But here we are vilifying fellow Americans that worked towards a retirement; some comments seem to want to create a mob ideology that will likely punish the current/future people that have been loyal to the community in order to continue funding entitlements and other hidden agendas?

Education, infrastructure and public safety in the past ensured commerce, job creation and healthy/safe communities. Now they are being neglected and their funding compromised by social engineering and entitlement programs. Our Nation needs to get back to basics and stop with all the hand-outs when less than 50% of our population pays taxes, we simply cannot afford handouts anymore.

On County Releases Pension Data

Posted on August 20 at 7:49 a.m.

So let me get this right, according to Ramirez (Soon to be Dr. Ramirez, Chicano studies) I am ignorant and racist if I expect people to obey the law, enter our Country lawfully and compete upon equal grounds with all the other legal citizens? I appreciate her efforts at advanced education, but I'm sure she could have gone to university in her nation of origin.

The State is bankrupt, jobs are leaving our State, our Nation, but yet our State government is displacing law-abiding American students at California colleges by funding illegal alien students using American tax-dollars?!?

Personally I think the practice is crazy and is literally compromising the future health of all Americans, and I feel terrible for the Americans that want to go to college, but cannot get financial support due to nefarious programs like this. But I'm just ignorant and apparently a racist even though I'm sure (And hope) our tax dollars are given to all wanton illegal aliens, regardless of race.

On One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for Undocumented Students

Posted on October 30 at 1:57 p.m.

Black Gold to the rescue? Hardly! Even oil cannot salvage the governmental mismanagement of this County.

So as residents of this County we're on the eve of not having government, that we pay for, for a long period of time because of their poor management?

They are going to furlough County employees during the Holiday season? That makes a lot of sense. (Not) That decision will further damage the economy! What are they thinking?!?

-Instead of cutting the Pool in Cuyama?
-Cutting Social entitlement Benefits to illegal aliens?
-County government funded ride-share vans for illegal aliens?
-Welfare benefits for gang members and convicted drug offenders?
-"Insurance for the "Children?"

They are going to send working Americans home! Bravo to the BOS for placing everyone in this County into a financial crisis and risking our very safety and health. They not only cannot figure out what is best for the long term health of the County, but even when the Grand Jury repeatedly hands them instructions on what a sound thinking government should be doing on some programs, they (The BOS) still cannot get it right!

The issues are further compounded by the two polar anchors in the County (Santa Maria City and Santa Barbara City) which are harboring and attracting more people that will simply steal from the public trust and County coffers.

But the BOS will lay off County workers during the Holiday season, further impacting local merchants and ruining the holidays for those County employees instead of performing appropriate cuts to pork barrel programs that benefit mostly criminals at the cost to local taxpayers in the tens of millions each month? Ridiculous!

It's going to take more than oil.......

On County Stares at Budget Nightmare

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