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Posted on October 26 at 6:07 a.m.

Yes! Barack Obama is the best candidate for president. But we also need a congress and senate that understand certain other things, like the basics of representation, science, logic, reasoned negotiation and the ability to move forward rather than backwards. We need a senate and congress that isn't mired in the antiquated regressive belief systems that has gotten us into this mess to begin with. Some/enough in the Democratic Party can be negotiated into regressive policies, but it is the republican side that initiates the policies and moderates us into regressive dark side. Always!

Botanys' using the false argument of "permanent" low debt interest payment is a manipulative statement. I don't think anyone has ever suggested that as a permanent strategy.

On The Case for Obama

Posted on October 24 at 10:33 p.m.

Byrd = another competitor and not a very good one.

On Homeless Biker in Critical Condition

Posted on October 24 at 9:18 a.m.

What's an edhat and who is this Roger Dodger thing.

On Homeless Biker in Critical Condition

Posted on October 24 at 6:36 a.m.

How did we get conditioned to so critically analyze the cost of this solar product while being so idiotically impulsive about buying all the other crap that depreciates the moment we sign the contract and drive it off the showroom floor.

On Going Solar

Posted on October 23 at 6:49 a.m.

Yeah! It really ties in with the corporate conservative Romeny platform to kill Big Bird and Jim Lehrer. Cox is obviously broadcasting a signal but Cox can't broadcast the traditional TV signals on the lower analog channels, except corporate broadcast TV? And nixed is only Public Access and PBS? So now we need to expense a Rental, newer TV/LCD in every room where you might want the enlightenment of public participation at City Council meeting? A 20' antenna on the roof?

There may be a legitimate technical reason but I suspect it is a corporate business decision. If my choice is more yahoo commercialized NASCAR, Top Gear, Reality Housewives, Hillbilly Handfishing and Ow My Balls type shows, then I guess all I can do is switch to a competitors more dependable and cheaper DSL and stream something more selective and enlightening.

On Hard-to-Get TV

Posted on October 21 at 9:15 p.m.

Ken_Volok is correct. For various reasons, allergies, ethical, dietary, religious reasons, let alone anecdotal health concerns, any/all may be enough for people to want labeling.

The one thing that really bothers me about the gmo proponents is that they never address the first question accurately. How is time tested cross-pollination and selective breeding ever like inserting a gene from a fish into a tomato. The comparison is ridiculous and is not answered for well over two decades. The response is something simple and dismissive like 'humans have been manipulating genes forever.' Again GMO is not like the process of cross-pollination or selective breeding in order to develop a certain trait. GMO is accurately called Frankenfoods (i.e. Frankenstein.)

My b.s. meter has pegged pretty high for some time on EastBeach but the previous response is TDC; complete b.s. And yes I have read the entire text of the ballot measure.

On Label GMO Food

Posted on October 21 at 6:51 a.m.

I surprised that our yahoo scientist/engineer commenter EastBeach isn't taking a more studious, less personalized approach to this subject.

After switching to the an updated player I was able to view the video It was fairly compelling although seemingly anecdotal.

Mary Louise has provide other links previously I'm not so sure corporate influence hasn't effectively and for the long term squashed science on this subject. And we're all aware of corporate influence and the negative effects of lobbying in our democratic republic.

It seems strange that all these "news"papers are seemingly in lockstep editorializing a no vote. The arguments are similar. The text of the law is perhaps flawed but what law isn't. There are no punitive results for casual avoidance or in the case accidental cross-pollination. And what law doesn't have complainers.

The official opponent of prop 37 is using typical conservative push button hyperbolic phraseology of "facts." That is a red flag for me. I suspect that something is up with their argument.

I keep my ballot until the last moment possible so as new information arises I'll feel better about voting. But from everything I've read so far I'd prefer to avoid gmos and I think I'd like food labeled. I think it may just be our right to know.

On Label GMO Food

Posted on October 21 at 6:09 a.m.

Here's Gundersens website with videos too!

On Feds Say Diablo Canyon Earthquake Safe

Posted on October 19 at 11:12 p.m.

The isn't working. Maybe it's busy or has been hacked. There is a lot of money to defeat this initiative. Something could be up; for that amount of money to be spent, i.e. public interest/environment may not be a priority. And corporations funding the no campaign are also producing both the gmo seeds and the herbicides. Gene insertion for resistance to chemicals seems much different than cross-pollination or artificial selection to produce a better food. Leaning toward a Yes on 37 because it is a good start and because corporations love lawyers except when scapegoating trial lawyers.

On Label GMO Food

Posted on October 19 at 11:24 a.m.

I know our italiansurg immigrant is disappointed. But remember that the republican party platform for immigration reform still is; guns, tanks, fences, walls and barriers. And as President Obama recently stated that Romneys plan of "self-deportation" is only after making people so miserable they would all self-deport.

But even with the obstructionism by republicans on immigration reform Obama has been able to get quit a bit done especially when considering the problems that were handed off. So the economy became first priority. Healthcare reform was prioritized along with the economy because that has been on the list for well over 30 years and health care tied in closely with the economy.

On Unfulfilled Promises

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