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Posted on February 16 at 11:41 a.m.

Many concerned individuals living in and around the San Marcos Growers and San Marcos Farms property have been lobbying to SAVE that land from development for many years. I was privileged for some years to help nourish that land with the finest organic amendments and it produced the best organic strawberries, flowers and vegetables- especially celery- around! Farming in the Goleta Valley is our heritage, we have improved the soil there to a far greater value than it deserves by being paved over and made in to another "generic" housing complex. Also, people move here and remain living in this community because it has a rural and natural feel. Local, safe, petroleum-free food production and distribution may turn out to be a vital need in our future. I do hope and believe we will continue to fight for and maintain our citizens' right to determine our own community's development needs and wants. Has anyone been watching the housing market? It doesn't seem ready to be overrun with even more units- because of the vast development of UCSB, and the ridiculous high density 4 story buildings being rammed in to Isla Vista with NO parking requirements, and with no vote by the community there- although many did actually physically protest- with signs and all! Rentals and sales of housing have been and will likely continue to be soft with even lower prices on the horizon. Let us all please work to keep this local farmland respected and protected, it is the heart of our Valley. How about contacting Jerry Brown right away to voice deep displeasure with the State's unreasonable requirements, Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 445-2841 .

On Ninth Inning Curveball Thrown at Noleta

Posted on December 14 at 3:41 p.m.

Isla Vista Parkgoers BEWARE!! Following are the ordinance proposals for the December 19th Isla Vista Parks Board meeting to be held while most IV residents are out of town. The "parks hours ordinance" creates a $1000 fine/6 months in jail sentence proposal for doing so little as sitting, stopping or pausing in any of the IV parks from 2 AM to 6:30 AM. Like the University which banned campus camping after social protest at “Tent City”, the Parks Board is banning camping and sleeping after the “Occupy IV” protest, apparently unconcerned with the consequences this ordinance may have on the IV homeless- potentially increasing jail crowding, creating negative health effects and taking up important police resources.

On Where Do the Homeless Heal?

Posted on November 22 at 11:57 p.m.

Marjorie- folk song singing must be a great way to get to school- probably some Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie.. you have alot in common with your Dad- caring for the environment, living your life with social activism at the core, integrity,accountability, deep respect for our democratic values and a desire to show others the value and necessity of civic responsibility-- woah... heavy--let's lighten up-didn't he always make mundane activities interesting and fun? You and he are so cool! :>) we better get busy promoting all those ideals... I am so glad to meet you Marjorie, and I know as the commenters above also said, that many like us will truly try to follow some of his lead, and that will make Santa Barbara and beyond a better place.

On David P. Wass, 1928-2010

Posted on October 30 at 12:37 a.m.

This idea of local beach parks providing trailer rentals is a precedent that needs public comment before anymore money is allocated.. I'm sure that there are other better ways for the public to enjoy our beautiful parks and even contribute financially rather than selling nights in trailers in parking lots in places like quiet and tiny Lookout Park in Summerland and Goleta Beach. Why is the County trying to profit off our parks? We pay taxes for the parks- and due to the large amount of old housing stock, we have prop 13 increases every year here so we are more insulated than other communities and have plenty of revenue! it is ridiculous to just assume that this could be a money winner- you know there will be legal issues about liability, competition and do make sure they don't buy FEMA trailers! The County and UCSB have built and facilitated so much housing that there is a rentals glut and I don't think the hotels are filled around here either. Why not bring back Tipi Village in IV or build condos on wetlands- if they want revenue as a goal- what is wrong with our leaders to consider this without careful community input?

On County Parks Installing Rental Units

Posted on October 11 at 6:35 p.m.

Thank you Matt and concerned citizens for finally bringing this to the public's attention. Unfortunately the County has a conflict of interest in the monitoring of these antenna locations because taxpayers are providing staff jobs and the County is charging lucrative fees for the permits. I attended MUS and was aware of the "cancer cluster" a few years after the power station was built next to the school,. thus I was alarmed when an antenna was proposed near our residence inside our community park next door to a day care center in Isla Vista six years ago. The park lost the bid to the church where the daycare was located but the low income free child care place had no one complaining but me! County said "Sorry FCC Is In charge not us", but I said "FCC is run by the telecom Industry!" We need to employ the Precautionary Principle as they do in the EU. Take back local control- fight for your rights! Turn off phantom power sources in your home and don't let your kids store their cellphones on them when on. Also contact Capps and Obama tell them "Be better safe than Sorry" and use the PP instead of the "whatever makes money until damage is done" philosophy..

On Attack of the Antennas

Posted on September 29 at 1:57 p.m.

It's pretty unfair to typify all "Yes on B" resident advocates as white haired and rich. Maybe we just like to see views of the mountains in other places than just "view corridors" between giant bulked out buildings that block the sun and whose purpose is not at all to provide workforce housing units, except for possibly a paltry 5%. The rest would sell for upward of a million dollars + per condo likely bringing with it at least 2 cars each too. And if it wasn't for Prop 13 I don't think many of us native born could afford to live here at all, plus prop 13 is bringing in the money to the municipalities consistently as it is increased each year unlike the cascading downward values of new construction condos. Development of high rises hardly assures that emergency workers can or would even want to live here- no, those buildings would likely be for Ritz Carlton timeshare style growth like the City Council tried to approve under Bill Levy's former plan that is now just a hole in the ground for a decade at least. If you want "sustainability" that means building a livable city around it's residents so they can easily circulate by bike and walking- how about some painted in crosswalks and creating more green space, parks, and edible gardens maybe? Let's not just build for more tourists and increasing student populations like we have been. In fact, the population isn't increasing much and there are alot of rentals out there, and some great deals on homes too. Why do people want to change Santa Barbara so much- if you want to buy into new construction so badly have you looked in Santa Maria?

On Ten Thousand Pound Gorilla Jumps In

Posted on September 27 at 2:34 p.m.

League of Women Voters, Pearl Chase Society, Cathie McCammon and Bendy White can be trusted as slow growth environmentalists and they say Yes on B. Setbacks, landscaping, etc. are important issues as well, but we only have one Old Town and only one beautiful range of mountains to view so vote to preserve those important assets as well as choose reps who will vote to plant more trees and expand parks.

On Ten Thousand Pound Gorilla Jumps In

Posted on May 29 at 3:07 p.m.

Isla Vista has always been a place that welcomes everyone, whether they pay rent or not. We have beautiful organic parks, beaches, a co-op, great festivals, a wonderful elementary school, all that UCSB has to offer and many caring residents who frequent our local businesses.. If you come to IV, leave your car somewhere else and bike, walk, bus, or get a ride here - there is no room for any more cars, and once a car is parked it doesn't need to be moved for days because you don't need to drive around here. Please come out here and support our merchants. We have had a long redevelopment and are now open for business! Burritos, biking and Chilla Vista - sounds like a great weekend!

On I.V.'s Homelessness Problem Perpetuates

Posted on April 24 at 1:52 p.m.

Most UCSB students who come to enjoy the beach seem really nice, are having fun and enjoying the beautiful coastline in a respectful manner. If there are alot of kids enjoying the beautiful beach on a sunny weekend (is that really very unexpected?), then how about the governments such as UCSB, IV Parks and/or SB County place trash receptacles and porta potties nearby for their use. There needs to be municipal responsibility for maintaning our coastline. Alot of beach trash never gets cleaned up whether there's floatopia or not. It's time to get prepared not just whine!

On UCSB Shoots Out Stern Email Discouraging Floatopia 2

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