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Posted on May 24 at 10:53 a.m.

It's comical when people expect to be taken seriously after bush league cut-and-paste jobs. Most of which I didn't read, but a quick skim shows that it's nothing more than Chomsky-esque apologetics.

Nothing in my post that was removed could be construed as the least bit objectionable. I have never used racial epithets or slurs or, what I would consider, bigotted language on this site and that is absolutely purposeful. For the record, this thread could contain just as many harsh words from myself if it tried to portray the Jewish community as doing nothing more than "spreading a unifying message" while Israel continues an illegal occupation and expands their settlements in Palestinian territory.

I am an equal opportunity cynic and will always rigorously defend liberal-democractic values against cultures that needlessly prolong the progress towards equality and justice. Ideas, religious or otherwise, do not have rights and should always be open to criticism because the truth survives debate.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 23 at 3:57 p.m.

Do not conflate my contempt for Islam with a general contempt for Muslims, or Arabs, or Persians etc etc. This is a common tactic that ideologues (and moral relativists for that matter) use when confronted with criticism. Instead of engaging in rational debate and facing criticism, insist that your ideas deserve respect simply because they are part of your religious practice and then condemn anyone who tries to vilify your brutality and barbarism as "intolerant." For the record, I would just as soon vilify Israel for their continued expansion of settlements in the Gaza strip and West Bank if this article tried to portray Jews as doing nothing but "spreading a unifying message."

Regardless of what age I might be, Mr. Farouq, you obviously have no understanding of what freedom of speech means for modern society and would fail a high school history class. You are honestly suggesting we place restrictions upon the content of speech so that you might not be insulted? Ideas, religious or otherwise, do not have rights. Only after ideas are scrutinized, criticized and debated does society progress because the truth survives criticism. You can point out the West's past atrocities and pretend to be indignant and ungrateful for the freedom you enjoy in this country, but you cannot erase our history of consistent progress towards equality and justice. If you'd like to know what society resembles when you stifle the freedom of speech, look no further (do I honestly need to finish this sentence?)

So it was tex805 and commandertactyface who saw me murder my daughter after she was raped. Jeez, can't a guy get any privacy?

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 23 at 11:27 a.m.

You'd think that after Mr. Farouq showed up and called the freedom of speech a disgraceful law, showing again how backwards and deluded this culture is, more people would be outraged. Instead, I'm called Islamophobic and naive.

At this point, anyone who isn't at least highly concerned about the danger Islam presents to freedom and democracy needs to have their head examined.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 22 at 8:28 a.m.

I'm suddenly reminded why I love anonymous commenting... Thanks Indy.

If you agree with the premise that Muslim attacks on "soft" targets in Western countries are in response to our incursions in their homeland, then I ask you: Where are the Tibetan suicide bombers in China? Where are the Native American suicide bombers? Where were the Palestinian Christian suicide bombers? (thankfully Palestinians for the most part have given up the practice) Why don't other cultures try to kill civilians in response to Western imperialism?

You know, there are still tribes in Africa that practice witchcraft? A few of these cultures believe, I kid you not, that eating the flesh of albinos (human albinos) gives you power, wisdom and courage beyond all imagination. They will literally kill and butcher albino infants and eat them. Now, do you think that upon criticism of this horrendous practice that the "moderate" witches band together and respond by saying, "Oh, these people aren't practicing 'true' witchcraft. The whole eating infants thing is a perversion of witchcraft. Don't judge us by a few bad apples." Moreover, should we stop short of condemning or attempting to prevent these atrocities because we lock up juveniles for life sentences, or because we have failed to provide suspected terrorists with equal rights?

Why are we pretending that a culture that would subjugate women to such an extreme degree has anything of value to contribute to our understanding of the human condition?

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 21 at 4:09 p.m.

"Counting the death tolls, I'm fairly certain far more in the Islamic world have paid at the hands of the "civilized Western world" then vice versa."

Precisely as it should be. Would the world be a safer place if things were the other way around? Are you suggesting that 9/11 is a justified reaction to Western actions in the Mid-East? Was the attempted car bombing in Time's Square a justified reaction to the South Park cartoon?

Anyone would be insane to ignore the mistakes the West has made. The West's actions absolutely deserve scrutiny and criticism for many reasons. For instance, the predator missles that have gone awry are just one of a number of horrible tragedies. However, we go to extreme lengths to prevent the unnecessary suffering of innocent people. Unfortunately, collateral damage and unintended suffering are realities of war. The distinction you fail to make is that suicide bombers make no such effort, their intent is to kill or maim as many innocent civilians as possible. These are people that walk into crowded market places and blow themselves to pieces while their friends and family cheer them on. For Islam, collateral damage and the suffering of innocent people are the primary goals.

What price would you pay to rid the world of honor killings? Of executions for apostacy? To free people from totalitarianism and slavery? Islam will never be compatible with freedom and democracy.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 21 at 12:54 p.m.

Western, liberal-democratic values are superior to Sharia law. This is not xenophobia. This is an objective fact and we should make no apologies for our attempts to kill and destroy radical Islam where ever it exists. This isn't a war on terror, there will always be religious fanatics (we have a few of our own). It's a war for freedom and democracy against an organized culture of intolerance and violence. Islam is the greatest threat to world peace in the 21st century.

That some here would suggest that the majority of Muslims just want to live in peace shows how little you know or understand about what Islam is. True Islam is on full display in Iran and among the Taliban in the mountains of Pakistan. The Islam practiced in these places has been sheltered from criticism and modernity and strives to avoid criticism at all costs. (The killing cartoonists lunacy is not a perversion of the Koran, btw). They just recently passed legislation in the UN to prevent the defamation of religion:

And you're trying to tell me they don't hate freedom?

The kind of Islam that the young lady going to UCSB knows and the kind modern Muslims want you foolish accomodationists (most often liberals, sadly) to see is the direct result of a thousand years of free people's assault on their bronze-age superstitions. The Islam they want you to know is a withered wreckage of what their literature tells them it should be.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 20 at 3:32 p.m.

How ironic that the Indy would post this article, complete with oodles and oodles of moral relativism, on a day when possibly hundreds of thousands of faithful worshipers of the so called "religion of peace" are calling for the death of cartoonists. These are not "a few bad apples." It is an organized culture of totalitarianism, barbarism, chauvanism, and hate. These people are bronze-age lunatics.

“Nothing has kept me from succeeding or achieving my full potential because I was a woman or because I was a Muslim or because of any combination of the two.”

You were born and raised in Santa Barbara, young lady. I would be very interested in what you had to say to your counterpart living in tribal Afghanistan. You obviously have no idea how lucky you are to be an American.

On A Mosque Grows in Goleta

Posted on May 14 at 8:43 a.m.

As if this country governs on the whim of popular opinion.

On Persecution Paradox

Posted on May 13 at 5:35 p.m.

I'm not saying that the tea party people are a bunch of ignorant loons, they're just acting like they are.

On Horowitz Distorted

Posted on May 7 at 6:57 p.m.

Quite a bit of trouble indeed, and deservedly so.

Thanks for playing.

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