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Posted on October 12 at 2:55 p.m.

While Venoco is Carpinteria's friendly neighborhood oil company, donating to charities and such, I thought many of their moves to promote Measure J were less than blatantly honest; such as paying a non-military person to canvas neighborhoods dressed in military uniform, paid "students in favor of Measure J", telephone blitzes which claimed to be impartial surveys, but were actually promoting drilling on the bluffs. They unrealistically minimized the risks during public meetings and in project studies despite the eleven Class I Impacts found in the EIR.

Venoco has engaged in the practice of fracking in the SB channel, and also fracked a well on a Santa Barbara rancher's property without telling the property owner. Our friendly neighborhood oil company is in existence to make a profit as are all businesses, but not at the risk of the community.

One other point, if Venoco had gone ahead to drill from the bluffs, as I recall from the EIR, this activity would have required millions of gallons of water. How that would have played out, heading into a drought, with all the other water users in Carp. Valley was not carefully considered, in my opinion.

Shirley Johnson
Candidate for CVWD
Carp Water Matters

On Carp Water Challengers Armed for Bear

Posted on June 9 at 6:15 p.m.

HEY, i got e male to raise his/her hand twice! But he/she still doesn't get it and is still, from somewhere, drawing a conclusion that drilling less in the US is somehow linked to overseas wars. What? If our country thinks it wants or needs something on foreign soil, we are ready to go to war to get it? When that same commodity is readily available on the open market? It's not about countries anyway. It's about big multi-national corporations, who probably don't give much of a fig about any one country or other. They have villas in all the best countries. This situation is preferable, in my opinion, to the cold war, China, USSR & USA all with itchy button fingers & nuclear weapons. Drop drills in elementary school. Warring superpowers vs. renegade terrorists? PEACE.

On 2010 Election Results Are In

Posted on June 9 at 9:31 a.m.

Anybody who thinks it is absolutely obscene for American soldiers to die for oil profits, raise your hand. Anybody remember any country who refused to sell their oil to the highest bidder, raise your hand. What's this BS about linking environmentally minded people with dead American soldiers? Could it possibly be..... let me guess.... ahhhh... perhaps American politicians who put our soldiers on the line for oil interests? Don't be a dumb dog who chases the frisbee off into left field, follow the arm that threw it and latch on. Hold our politicians accountable, and remember to vote.
And, Canada is our largest foreign oil provider... that, too.

On 2010 Election Results Are In

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