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Posted on April 10 at 4:08 p.m.

Oh look! Another professional politician/lifer! How UNUSUAL!

I wonder at times if any of these people would be able to survive in the private sector, where you actually have to work, and are held accountable? No six figure salaries, perks, retirement, health care, paid sick leave, and nobody kissing your can on a constant basis.

Career politicians...about as desirable as a poop in the punchbowl.

Speaking of career politicians...Lois Capps...didn't she say back in I believe 1998 when she first stepped into her position, that she would serve only one term in office? Yeah...what happened to that promise?

The lure of a continual flow of cash, benefits, and adulation is so powerful that these people, on BOTH sides of the aisle, can't resist it. Really...just how "in touch" with the hoi polloi can these professional politicians possibly be when they live in this bubble of easy money and lots of it, coupled with the worship of everyone around them?

Just a few stray thoughts on yet another windy, sunny, rainless and warm day.

On Supervisor Salud Carbajal Announces Run for Congress

Posted on February 10 at 3:21 p.m.

Now we should outlaw or be suspicious of multigenerational families, intentional families, homeschoolers & church attenders? What's next, anyone who says "hello" to a child? All teachers, pediatricians & anyone else who might have cause to encounter a minor? What the heck; how about everybody who breathes?

I'm glad that I have no children and I have no cause to encounter them except in public in passing. I don't know what went on in this situation because I wasn't there, but I HAVE seen good, decent people railroaded by false testimony of children who were coached by adults with an agenda and it is terrifying. Not only is the life of an innocent person destroyed, a family destroyed and hearts broken, but the believability of legitimate accusers is called into question.

Kids don't lie? Really? I lied like crazy as a kid if I thought it would get me out of trouble or the lie might please adults who were important to me. Kids do that. Yes...your kids too. So the "children would never lie about something like that" claim is erroneous. Anybody remember McMartin Preschool and how that ultimately turned out? We need to be much more careful about how we deal with these situations and how they are investigated.

Which again, has the horrible result of a kid who DOES have a legitimate claim potentially not being believed.

We live in a culture which has created a scenario where a serial killer receives more sympathy than an accused child molester, so since we're created this culture, let's make damned sure that if someone is accused of this, that there is SOMETHING besides "the kid said it happened, so it's true". Remember the stories about Salem Witch trials? Yeah. People do stuff like that. We need to be very, very careful not to slip down that slope.

I grew up in a family with my grandmother living in our home, and surrounded by family members of all ages, as well as neighbors, our parents friends, and assorted teachers and members of the community at large. It was a great way to grow up and I learned that the world consisted of many other creatures of all kinds and that the world did not in fact revolve around me. I was not helicoptered by my parents or wrapped in bubble wrap and subjected to planned, supervised play dates and structured activities. I learned to love and respect my grandmothers and others, and my life was made so much richer by these people and experiences.

I feel horrible for kids today, how they are sequestered, helicoptered, and made objects of worship by well-meaning adults who are afraid of their own shadows. This story is not just about this story, but about the dysfunctional society we live and raise children in. Of course they need to be protected from harm, but segregating them from all of the world and sealing children in some sort of jar is just not a logical response.

We have to do better than this, or I fear for the future generations and their ability to live as functional adults.

On Man Sentenced to 75 Years for Molesting Grandsons

Posted on February 10 at 2:53 p.m.

I am not a Food Stamp recipient, but manage to eat on $120.00 per month or less. I don't shop at Trader Joe's and I don't eat high-dollar "foodie" food, perhaps that is why.

This is reality for most of us out here in the real day to day world. We learn to like oatmeal, rice and beans, to learn to stretch the meat or other protein sources, to drink water instead of sodas and alcohol, and to feed ourselves the best we can on a limited food budget.

What needs to happen is that we need to make it as affordable to eat a chicken salad as it is to eat junk food. Example: burger and fries: $3.10. basic chicken salad: $6.50. Why IS that? Good food and veggies need to be made more affordable.

On Eating on $194 a Month

Posted on February 2 at 5:16 p.m.

"30-35 televisions"? REALLY?? So this is a sports bar, right? Because the last thing I want when I go to a restaurant is to listen to ONE blaring television, let alone between 30 and 35 of the stinkin' things!

Who the heck needs TV in a restaurant...and who needs between 8 and 35 of them ANYWHERE?


On New Restaurant Eyes Elephant Bar Space

Posted on February 2 at 5:15 p.m.

"8-35 televisions"? REALLY?? So this is a sports bar, right? Because the last thing I want when I go to a restaurant is to listen to ONE blaring television, let alone between 8 and 35 of the stinkin' things!

Who the heck needs TV in a restaurant...and who needs between 8 and 35 of them ANYWHERE?


On New Restaurant Eyes Elephant Bar Space

Posted on January 29 at 11:44 p.m.

The Sansum System sucks! No respect for people's time is just the beginning: the latest example of their corporate brand of medicine is the Santa Barbara call center. Yes, if you call your clinic in Solvang or Lompoc, etc..that local # routes straight to a call center where you are shoved in a queue. A CS rep then answers the call and asks for your birthdate, not your name. Why do they need to know this information? Are they planning to send me a birthday card? We're reduced to a # & it;s only a matter of time before they locate the call center in Manila or Bangalore so the 6 figure folks running things can "streamline" things even more and pocket more $.

Then you are transferred to whichever clinic you were trying to get to begin with, where you sit on hold and wait for a harried receptionist to get to you so you can leave a message for a nurse or a PA. It's always "leave a message"; you not only never get your doctor (God forbid!), you can't even get a nurse or a PA now.

Sansum has successfully sealed up all the holes whereby a patient might actually be able to access their doctor; all the walls and gates are up and there are now a minimum of three steps one must take to get anywhere near a doctor, and usually, you don't succeed...the closest you get is an overworked, underpaid nurse.

I discovered once by accident that the doctor I was seeing at Country Clinic was required to churn through an MINIMUM of 26 patients per day. Minimum. The doctor my parents used to see at the SB office quit in disgust, telling them: "I have to get out of here...I'm just overwhelmed and this is not practicing medicine, it's an assembly line. I', afraid I'm going to kill someone one day."

Sansum & Cottage own EVERYTHING in the SB/Goleta/SYV area. ALL choices have been eliminated. They're the only game in town, so they know they can treat their patients like crap and get away with it, because people have no other choice.

On An Open Letter to Sansum

Posted on January 27 at 5:10 p.m.

Good for him! I remember my Dad tried to raise a Bonsai tree and it was a LOT of work. Nice to see a kid pursuing something like this :-)

On Bonsai Boy

Posted on January 16 at 2:32 a.m.

What IS up with that ridiculously overpriced station out there? I've heard that from people who live in SB that the Glen Annie Chevron is insanely expensive. Why is that?

On Cheap Gas, but Pricey Futures

Posted on January 15 at 1:48 a.m.

JJ...always bringing smiles to faces one at a tine :-)

I haven't lived in that benighted hellhole since we sold our home after living there for 34 years, and bought one elsewhere.

Whew! I'm glad we did, because gosh...I didn't know that a contract was required to live in Santa Babylon...guess we got our just in time!

How did you get yours? Please share with the rest of the class :-)

On Volunteers Needed for Homeless Survey

Posted on January 14 at 10:03 p.m.

Sadly, you pretty much nail it touristunfriendly.

There is so much money to be made in the homeless biz that it's no wonder the "providers" want to know how many bodies are out there who can be corralled and funneled into said programs in order to swell the head count and generate more $ for the folks running things. Use volunteer labor to count the heads out there, saving $ for the 6 figure folks running the "programs" and shelters. This has gone on for decades in SB and they've just gotten better at it with each passing year.

Here's how the story goes: price out the locals so they can't afford to buy homes, forcing them into crappy overpriced rentals with strict rules (no pets, no guests, no Section 8, etc) and a plentiful supply of cockroaches and bad plumbing/electricity. Make sure there are plenty of dead end, minimum-wage, part-time service jobs around to keep these folks in said crappy rentals for awhile. Then when the rents soar beyond reach and/or said crappy rentals are razed for more "upscale" and tourist-oriented structures and the struggling tenants are forced out onto the streets, criminalize them for being homeless.

The next step is to demonstrate kindness by providing shelters and programs to herd these folks into, and to gather in plenty of $ to run things. All the usual suspects will step in with funding and advice, the public will be conned into donating plenty of $, and everyone gets to feel good about their generosity...particularly at Christmastime. If a kid or two can be located and utilized in advertising for money, so much the better; kids are guaranteed to attract lots of money and sympathy...and the paychecks of the white collars at the top get fatter.

This model is fine-tuned and it works well...for the folks collecting big paychecks to push paper around and bum money from donors. It doesn't work so well for the poor and homeless and is in fact, a guaranteed revolving door, as people are discouraged from being independent. The game plan is to force them into programs and shelters and infantilize them, creating lifelong dependence on the largesse of the Kind People of Santa Barbara. The usual suspects are feted at ceremonies, awarded plaques and much applause for their goodness, and the homeless...well...they are stuck in the revolving door of endless poverty and dependence.

Unfortunately, the key is to get OUT of that area entirely. It is set up to benefit wealthy residents and tourists, period. The workers and regular folks, the elderly, the disabled etc are tolerated because it is illegal to just push them off a cliff. Those who can still work and who have managed to escape before they end up homeless are forced to Lompoc to join the hordes of Lompoc Lemmings making the daily 120 mile round trip to and from their jobs, paying some of the highest gas prices in the nation. They too, are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and struggle...and for what? To live in SB County?

Sorry...not worth it.

On Volunteers Needed for Homeless Survey

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