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Posted on November 1 at 6 a.m.

Vote No prop 37. The truth is in the proposition itself which all should read as well as read the Legislative analysis of prop 37. I'm all for Non-GMO and Non-GE but this is a misleading prop as well as contains huge loopholes that allow for most GMO and GE products to slip by unlabeled. So much for right to know with this prop, it's more like Right to MisInform and Right to Undisclose for producers of GE and GMO. This prop also groups Retailers into the mix of who will be held accountable for labeling and allows for consumers to sue without proof of harm. Great Prop for Trial Lawyers and producers of GMO's and GE's. Bad law for Taxpayers, Bad law for Citizens who truly want to be informed and bad for Retailers !

All Voters really need to stop being informed through biased websites and start reading the Propositons and Analysis of the prop !

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