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Posted on May 6 at 12:57 a.m.

Why aren't they getting their day in court with a jury?? I wish them every blessing. Perhaps they will get a wise and fair judge. Let's hope so.

On Hortipharm Raid Targets in Court

Posted on April 25 at 8:28 a.m.

Hopefully the act of just looking like Jesus teaches us something about ourselves. But what a beautiful act, so ancient. A true act of kindness, even love.

The Bible is full of beautiful acts of love, kindness and wisdom.

If we tried, only, to look or to act like Jesus think how much kinder everyone would be. Maybe we could all "get along."

Jesus was wise, strong and kind. A great example to us all.

On Foot Washing Event Caters to Downtrodden

Posted on August 9 at 8:21 a.m.

I did know Gail but not in her capacity at Hospice. She was a customer in our store. I didn't know she had been the Executive Director of Hospice or dealt with that part of life that is the hardest part. I must say that death did not bend her. She was a force of life in my humble opinion.

Gail told me she was bothered by the pharmacueticals she was taking for Parkinson's disease. She said that they made her feel robotic and uncomfortable. Of course she was anything but robotic. Gail's spirit came right through her eyes and her gentle spirit taught lessons just by gentle words and smiling eyes.

I feel blessed and honored to have known her. I thank God for her and those like her with so much compassion that the world naturally becomes a more beautiful place where they have traveled. I will truly miss her. Thank you Gail!!

On Gail M. Rink: 1944-2010

Posted on July 30 at 8:50 a.m.

Where are the "Red Shirts" when you need them?

Bev Mo will be, literally, one house away from Peabody Charter School! Certainly less than 500 feet as the crow flies! Cross the alley, go through the yard of one house and you would face Peabody!

As an adult child of an alcoholic, I say, shame on you Mr. Hotchkiss, Mr. Francisco, Ms. Self!! You claim collectives represent big drug lords. Hah!! Insane!! They represent little farmers. Remember them? We see who you support! MO LIQUOR, in fact, Bev Mo. For Heaven's sake, it's as plain as the noses on your faces!! Bigger money of course, who could blame you? Hmmmm......

On BevMo! A Go-Go

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