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Posted on March 12 at 3:22 a.m.

"Wrench" must stand for "zing go the strings of my bleeding heart." (As in, "oy, what gut-WRENCHingly abysmal things are Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians/non-elitists-with-above-average-intelligence doing to those poor pedophiles/gangbangers/rapists NOW?")
Because only people whose guts are wrenched---see: current make-up of the ACLU and/or any guiltily rich white person with too much time on his hands---for the wrong people would think the postcards-for-prisoners proposal a BAD thing.
Indeed, "Wrench's" heart bleeds for the MYTHICALLY*** "...large number of inmates that are still awaiting trial and have not been convicted of a crime."
***"MYTHICALLY" because FEW-to-ZERO people in this State are ever incarcerated for more than 48 hours without their having been all-but-fingered for committing a major, i.e., particularly heinous, crime. Either bail gets speedily posted or out---posthaste!---most drunks-and-disorderlies; ladies-of-the-night; barroom brawlers; trespassing skateboarders; et al., go---on their own recognizance. (Aside from the fact that he was accused of murdering two people, the only reason O.J./"person of interest" numero uno was incarcerated so long pre-trial was because he tried fleeing BEFORE the Man could accuse him of murdering two people---and because he had a passport, disguise and large sum of cash on his fleeing person, to boot. Methinks only the stupidest magistrate would've let Mr. Simpson post bail.)
So, for whose "rights" does "Wrench's" gut toll? The USPO X-rays MY mail, for Pete's sake...and no one's ever even ACCUSED me of pederasty, murder, hell, ANYTHING felonious. If a known gangbanger [or anyone else who's been in the pokey more than 48 hours] wants to pass notes, I say: Make 'em share 'em with the class.

On Return to Sender

Posted on May 3 at 6:57 p.m.

Dear "East Beach:"
Thank you soooo much for squaring sex --- yikes, meant to say, 'MY sex' --- in your post. I am, indeed, of the double-X persuasion... Or, as me da was wont to coo: "'Whoops,' she said, as the white of the egg slid down her leg."
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank "Binky" for, well, being someone who signs on to the chimeric dreck that is the 'Internet' as 'Binky!' (Or, as me dear droog The Donald might cry, "Mohammed on Melba toast, will this man stop at nothing to avoid releasing his school transcripts?!") You, Binky---not to forget you, too, East Beach, rule!

On Thank Donald Trump for Osama Assassination?

Posted on February 1 at 1:24 p.m.

Funny how seeing a character in a movie smoking offends "Concepcion" yet her own name doesn't make her want to run out and get knocked up. (Does she even know how the beach/Pt. in northern SB County came by its nickname?) I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume (a) she saw "Something about Mary" and (b) that it wasn't the jizz in Ben Stiller's hair that offended her, but that it wasn't put to "good, Catholic use."
To paraphrase Sharon Stone in that epic cinema verite, "Total Recall," "THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS F***ING PLANET."

On Gratuitous Smoking

Posted on February 1 at 1:12 p.m.

Big surprise---not---that Mr. Moreno has a Spanish surname. Because there is absolutely NO indication whatsoever that the Hmong, Farsi, Hindi or Mandarin communities have any trouble communicating in the native tongue. A lifelong Californian, I have yet to meet a single immigrant from Asia or the Middle East who did NOT make learning their adopted country's language a first priority. (Funny how the further one must go to reach these shores, they harder they seem to work at ASSIMILATION. And these people have entirely different ALPHABETS!) Mon Dieu, even those "old timers" struggling with English years after immigrating know the English word for "DANGER" (and can recognize exclamation points). The last thing this destitute, formerly-golden state needs is MORE bureaucracy... in the form of government "translation" agencies or State labor union-run "linguistic" departments. As long as the deaf receive emergency broadcasts in sign language, the blind in Braille, and pictures of people standing in doorways [in case of earthquake, pictured by, say, vibrating lines along an icon of the earth] or running like hell [in case of fire, pictured by, say, flames] are made available to the illiterate, we are more than equipped "humanitarian"-wise. Por favor, Sr. Moreno: Do you really think we cash-strapped Californians deserve MORE government? Or are you just bucking for a promotion?

On Communication Gaps

Posted on October 4 at 8:21 p.m.

"Goodhelp" wonders: "If successful, wouldn't Rudy be the first person to jump from his first elected position as a city mayor to the office of the President of the United States?"
Why, yes he would; what's your point? Wasn't Bill Clinton the first bastard---er, sorry, meant to say "illegitimate..." or whatever word it is knee-jerk ACLU-supporting reactionaries prefer these days---to hold the office of President of the United States? The second to be called "Tricky Dick" (albeit not to his face or in print; just by the women who identified Hisself/described his uniquely shaped "manhood" in depositions).
Then "mickrussom" informs us Rudy "oversaw" the---horrific---Albert Louima police brutality case... As if Rudy wielded the business end of a plunger himself (or did he hold the poor man down; which was it? Surely you know, Mick; after all, you know what's on Rudy's family crest, all that stuff about the KBE----thanks for the bit of BRITISH/pip-pip trivia, by the way. Always nice to hear from another Anglophile)
By Mick and his ilk's, e.g., blue dog Democrats, "logic"...
(1) Louima was tortured by a few NYPD scum, so ALL NYPD officers are scum---or at least they were during the Giuliani administration, ergo (2) All Muslims all scum, because a handful of them bombed the USS Cole---during Clinton's administration, ergo (3) All Middle Easterners are scum, because a dozen+ of them perpetrated the worst terrorist attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor (which of course means that, if ole Mick and his ilk were around then, they agreed with their poster boy FDR that anyone of Japanese heritage was scum, and that sending them all to internment camps was a good idea).
Hmmm, I wonder if, say, a kneejerk reactionary was diagnosed with cancer the same time a conservative found the cure for it, would the reactionary cry foul; say the conservative must've stolen the panacea from, oh, I don't know, George Soros?; refuse to accept any treatment that was funded by "Big Oil" (or whatever catchphrase is in vogue at the time)?
Actually, I don't wonder; no time. Too busy hating anyone who looks Mexican and all that (goodness, he/she could be plotting La Revolucion!). And since the only good immigrant is a legal one, and there's no way to tell just WHERE these Brownskins allegiances lie by looking at 'em, well...

On Rudy Giuliani Does the Biltmore and Joe's Cafe

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