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Posted on March 31 at 8:30 a.m.

Okay, since I'm one of the people this Sociopath scammed, I feel it is my duty to put my story out there. First of all kudos to the restraunteur who stepped forward and took the initiave to call the police. I have been a victim by Mr. Steven Kunes on many levels. I in fact put him behind bars and tried to keep him there by contacting some of the other victims here in our area. Most of them would not come forward either due to embarrassment or because he got into their hearts. Hence the title of my book "Hearts & minds" he gets into your heart through your mind. He usually preys on wealthy women. I've heard every story possible from his victims. If you were one of them contact the arresting officer and go to court and keep him in this time. Please people.. How long must he continue to lie, steal identities? He is a pathological liar and a Socipath and an alcoholic. It just amazes me how he continues to scam people with the same old lies.

On A Tale Stranger Than Fiction

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