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Posted on May 16 at 7:17 p.m.

I am compelled to be honest about this article, the mayor's 'Temporary Restraining Order', the very "IDEA" of restraining, preventing, or delaying Judgment Day, the "IDEA" of increasing a police force's manpower to help control mayhem "in case" it does happen, and Judgment Day itself.

I do not believe a sane and legitimate mayor would file such and emergency action at all. In it, there has to be a "political play" at the root. In truth, the mayor actually believes the idea is impossible. If I am wrong and she does believe it as a possibility, then the mayor is quite mentally unstable to even think for one second that God's planned Day could be "restrained" by any action of men.

A increased police force to prevent public hysteria "in case" it is equally ludicrous, as the police themselves will individually be staring God Almighty in the face, like all others will.

Finally on Judgment Day itself. High up political figures debating on the best course of action to protect against it, borders on insanity. God has "appointed a Day in which He will Judge the world." NOTHING can stop that, no injunctions, no police manpower.

The real TRUTH of it all lies in the Bible, it is answered in every detail in God's Word.

May 21st IS-THE-DAY-OF-JUDGMENT! And NOTHING can stop or delay that FACT!

On Mayor Files Lawsuit to Block End of World

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