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Posted on August 31 at 2:20 p.m.

You have got to try the Kale from Chapala Gardens! It is a totally different experience from store or market bought kale.

On Kale Caesar Salad @ Scarlett Begonia

Posted on August 31 at 1:45 p.m.

I don't hear the landlord being criticized in this article. What I hear is someone trying their best to make use of the existing system and encountering nothing but dead ends and false advertising. There is too much bureaucracy and hands in the pot. The housing authority has evolved into a beast interested in its own good, not the good of the community it is supposed to serve. I say eliminate the authority and redesign the entire system with checks and balances to be sure that it is fulfilling its mission of making sure that there is adequate housing for ALL of our friends and neighbors. Currently I am paying 74% of my income for rent. This, and the story presented, is outlandish for a community such as ours.

On Holes in the Safety Net

Posted on August 24 at 11:18 a.m.

Art films like this that are not widely shown

And socially conscious films like this:
Forks Over Knives

On What genre would you like for the next Summer Cinema series at the Courthouse?

Posted on August 20 at 11:53 p.m.

Lawdy, how cute, no it wasn't her fault, really. Read my comment.
How do you get she "walk[ed] into the passenger door window" when she was wrapped up in the front wheel well with both her feet crushed?

She was railroaded. Tragic.

On Who’s Right? The Lady or the Cop?

Posted on August 20 at noon

I know Sonia very well and she is totally not deserving of the sort of character assassination that some of the commentators are leaving.

The accident was tragic and could have happened to any and all of us. Drivers today and always are easily distracted by technology or simply by our thoughts and pedestrians expect a certain amount of safety. Fact is that the intersection in question really sucks and is unfair to both drivers and peds. They were both in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She was not in it for the money, but to get an unjustly issued ticket thrown out. I get this is hard to believe for those of you who would "be in it for the money", but it is true. Those who know Sonia and the situation were vastly amazed at the overwhelming force, and shock and awe brought to bear for an issue surrounding a $194 ticket. That's gotta tell you something right there.

What is basically boils down to is that one person was killed there and another nearly was. The driver was coached on what to say in trial by the city lawyers all in an effort to protect the city from a very vulnerable situation. If you were there during the accident, you would have heard the driver pleading for forgiveness saying it was her fault over and over again. Of course that would not come out in court. If you were there you would have seen her way out in the intersection crossing safely then getting hit and wrapped around the side of the car (hence the side damage) and thought for sure she was a goner.

She just wanted the ticket thrown out and to get the message out that more people and drivers are going to be put in danger unless something is really done to improve traffic safety in that area.

The city, police, judge, and defending lawyers were protecting the city, pure and simple from the perceived threat of a multi million dollar lawsuit due to their inaction and inattention about said intersection. It is a shame that rather than relying on facts to defend themselves, they had to lie, cheat, and steal. That really sucks.

My faith in the integrity our city's court system, judges, and police is forever destroyed.

Sonia deserves your empathy and support, she could have been you. She was right. Remember this when you get run over.

Barney Brantingham, the cops, driver, and judge deserve a big fat raspberry. They were wrong.

On Who’s Right? The Lady or the Cop?

Posted on May 17 at 10:49 a.m.

What a WASTE of money and a SQUANDERING of our police resources. They will do anything to create barriers between safety officers and the public. What is wrong with a good old foot patrol? I can't believe how SILLY this is.

Yes, LAUGH at them!

On Santa Barbara Police Testing Segways

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