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Posted on March 12 at 6:26 a.m.

And UCSB Physics ranked #10 among grad physics programs by US New & World Reports.

On UCSB Programs Ranked Among Top in Country

Posted on November 5 at 11:43 a.m.

And you can tell a dollar paid in hush money from a dollar paid to an extortionist, Priceless?

You are swallowing from a firehose of naiveté.

The Michael Jackson prosecution has nothing whatsoever to do with Lois Capps.

On Former DA Tom Sneddon Dies

Posted on November 4 at 12:20 p.m.

If Michael Jackson was an obvious pedophile, Michael Jackson would not have been acquitted. Period.

On Former DA Tom Sneddon Dies

Posted on July 4 at 11:17 a.m.

I hope the perpetrator of this fire is caught by all the surveillance cameras. Too many fires and bombings in this area remain unsolved, starting with Dover Sharp. Ray Ford forgot to mention last week's fire in the Coal Oil Point reserve, within sight of this fire.

On UCSB Housing Project Destroyed by Fire

Posted on July 2 at 1:07 p.m.

"On a side note, I have heard anecdotally that Professor Miller-Young’s next court date is June 12th and is listed as a R&S/Settlement Conference."

Small blurb by Scott Steepleton in todays News Press said things are delayed until July 17. No reason why given, so Steepleton speculates that it has something to do with Miller-Young's pregnancy.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on June 8 at 5:10 p.m.

Two policies that might have prevented this tragedy:

1) On Friday evenings, Saturday evenings, and party days (Halloween, Deltopia, etc) restrict entry into IV to residents. Sheriff Thomas did this for Halloween 20 years ago and it worked pretty well.

2) Ban anyone attending SBCC from residence in IV. Some special exemptions would have to be granted, like, for family members of IV residents. IV has had a huge influx of SBCC students since UCSB built much more on-campus housing.

Rodger could have slipped through the cracks of these. But he would have had to plan more. And all the outsiders at Deltopia turned that into a riot this year.

Extravaganza, only for UCSB students, had no problems this year. It never does.

On Ethics and the Breaking Story

Posted on May 30 at 8:28 p.m.

I did walk through. The anti-sweatshop people definitely weren't there at the time I walked through. Timing must have been wrong. But I forthrightly corrected myself about their presence on that day (but at a different time than I walked through) when I found the online photos of them.

I guess you are the perfect man, jongaucho, just like the Shorts are perfect girls, you all never make a mistake. I guess they never have to ask forgiveness for their sins. What perfect gods they are!

Anyone who tries to enforce rules that they violate must be sinners who deserve retribution.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 30 at 12:51 p.m.

The sweatshop people told me on May 22 that their display was the same as that on April 24. They helped me try to find any image of dead bodies in rubble. Neither I nor they could find any such image.

So I use that as a metric of your veracity, jongaucho. I can test whether your claimed facts are indeed facts, and make further conclusions based on the outcome of that comparison.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 28 at 10:24 p.m.

redspool wrote:

``Here is where we stand Doversharp: Don't hurt people. Don't put your hands on them. ''

I agree of course. But I'd add: don't interfere with enforcement of the rules. Don't run after a Professor who is enforcing the rules. Don't try to get in an elevator with a Professor who is enforcing the rules. If you do those things, you are at least partially responsible for the consequences.

jongaucho wrote:
``You previously claimed you didn't see the sweat shop display (and doubt it existed because I didn't take pictures of it and you didn't see it despite walking through the are during the time it was up)...Are you claiming you have now? ''

I didn't see them *on the date you specified, April 24*, and indeed I doubted they came to campus at all. Then *I*, not *you*, found photographic record that the sweatshop people were actually there on April 24, and I forthrightly posted that fact and a link to The Bottom LIne article describing their setup.

The same sweatshop people *returned* on May 22 and I saw their photos first hand. I put my face up right to the each of their photos. I saw nothing resembling ``the picture of the dead bodies in the rubble…'' that you referred to, jongaucho. I can't imagine how any reasonable person could claim that the sweatshop images were gruesome or offensive, but as I said and maintain, there are surely people who are offended by images of the Easter Bunny or Lassie. It is just that the overwhelming majority of people are not offended by either the sweatshop images, the Easter Bunny, or Lassie.

I live in Isla Vista and am on campus and in contact with students every day. I don't need any lecturing on the events of the past few days.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

Posted on May 23 at 4:07 p.m.

``Once I saw the picture of the dead bodies in the rubble, I stopped looking at them. I wasn't triggered or offended, but not something I wanted to look at.''

I could not see any dead bodies in the rubble. I could not see any bodies in the rubble. I could not see children & adults suffering, although you never know what is in the mind of someone in a photo.
I got my face right up within a few inches of all the sweat shop photos. Couldn't see anything remotely characterizable as gruesome.

My point is: now that I have inspected the sweatshop photos close up by myself, I cannot see how they are remotely comparable to:

jongaucho, you first claimed that the sweatshop images were disturbing.

I strongly disagree with you. I bet 999/1000 of people would agree with me. Of course, some people would find pictures of Lassie or the Easter Bunny disturbing.

In my opinion your comparison of

with the sweatshop photos is invalid.

I think that the SAH folks know that their images are outside the realm of any image regularly seen in any public place anywhere in the US and most of the world. I think they intentionally avoid checking whether there are any rules or limits, and I think most people would check.

In any case, if you don't pay your taxes ignorance doesn't excuse you from the consequences. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

As for enforcement, faculty regularly seize rule-breaking cheat notes and destroy them, seize gum and cigarettes present against the rules and destroy them.

Obey the rules or get out.

On Speech Is Free, Sometimes

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