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Posted on October 1 at 1:20 p.m.


In general this is a good layman's explanation of relativity and I applaud you for furthering the public's understanding of physics. However there is an issue in the opening paragraph. You state that neutrinos are massless particles that zip around at nearly the speed of light.

The thing is neutrinos definitely have mass. The experiment that has been getting so much press lately was in fact using that to detect oscillations in the type of neutrino during the travel time. This oscillation would not happen in massless particles.

The other issue is that if they were zero-mass particles they would travel at the speed of light, just like photons. Here is an excellent article highlighting the relevant physics and outlining the developments made since the first evidnce of neutrino mass in 1998:

Hopefully this is helpful. Thanks for spreading the word.


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