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Posted on May 13 at 4:27 p.m.

I've been going to the Glass Factory for years and always met safe, friendly and responsible shooters there. It can get messy at times but that's why the community organizes clean-ups. You can target shoot pretty much anywhere on national forest lands unless a specific area has been closed to the activity. If the Glass Factory were closed, people would just go elsewhere. It's better to keep the mess and commotion centered in one place rather than everyone spreading all over the valley. It's better to focus on encouraging responsible community use of the area, rather than trying to raise the specter of a "potential disaster" which is completely preposterous.

On Beware the Glass Factory

Posted on October 3 at 7:13 p.m.

What is Sandra's stance on issuing License to Carry permits? Bill Brown elitist attitude toward issuing permits has left the county open to expensive lawsuits. We need a sheriff who does not make arbitrary judgement on whether or not your life is worth protecting.

On Sergeant Sandra Brown Looks to Unseat Sheriff Bill Brown

Posted on May 26 at 10:09 p.m.

Here is the main problem with Velvet Jones: they serve alcohol yet they also admit minors. I found this causes unnecessary drama and the staff do not know how to handle the situation. Skip the drama and go to a place that is 21+.

I paid for a ticket in advance, arrived and got a drink. I tried to go up to the loft area to get a better view of the band. I was stopped by staff security who told me that it was a "minors only" area. So I went back and tried to make my way to the dance floor to get closer to the band. I was stopped by another staff guy who said that no drinks are allowed on the floor. So I just stood behind the barricade and watched the band over the partition.

Occasionally, some people came up and talked to me over the fence. But mostly I was just enjoying my drink and watching the band over the half-wall. At one point, some random girl approached me and asked if she could have a sip of my drink. I told her she should get her own, but she was insistent. I am a guileless person by nature and become very easygoing after I've had a few drinks. So eventually I consented to letting her have a sip. Immediately, a security guy came out of nowhere, grabbed me and pulled me outside, telling me I had given alcohol to a minor and was being thrown out.

I tried explaining that I had no idea who that person was and that she had just randomly come up to me and asked for a drink. Neither the security guy nor his supervisor would listen to reason and just ignored me, simply pulling me out on the sidewalk and turning their backs.

The situation was very poorly handled by the staff. If they are going to admit minors to the event and also serve alcohol there (a bad idea to begin with), they need to set a policy and explicitly explain to everyone who enters that they are not allowed to share drinks with anyone. And post signs around stating the same.

Furthermore, if their security guy had been standing there watching me do this (which he must have been doing to have grabbed me so quickly), why didn't he say something and stop me from doing it? Why would he just stand there and let me do something they did not allow? I had no idea this person was a minor or that the place had a policy about not sharing drinks. I would have appreciated being let off with a warning, instead of feeling like I had intentionally been entrapped by their security guy.

The bottom line: Velvet Jones is not the best venue for live music, nor does it even pass as a bad excuse for a nightclub. They need to resolve their problematic policies regarding alcohol being served around minors. Otherwise, I would recommend steering clear of this place if you would like a night without drama.

Lesson learned, money lost, and I missed seeing the band whom I was looking forward to seeing all month.

On Velvet Jones

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