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Posted on October 19 at 2:56 p.m.

Let's not get off-track and blame marijuanna or any other subtance.

We have support for kids who want to stay out of trouble in the Boys and Girls club. And other programs.

We need a gang injunction to not only drive the gang problem under ground -- hey, if it's less visible isn't it less attractive to vulnerable kids -- and it provides a way to take bad guys off the streets, those who cannot hide in the shadows.

We talk about not blaming hispanics and illegals. I'm down with that. We're not talking race or ethnicity nor even the way your mom or dad came into the US of A. We're talking behavior. Criminal behavior.

What really stuns me is how not one person mentions the notion of parents going out with their kids on weekends. Making sure your vulnerable kids aren't really drifting to hang with the gangsters, by going out in person, by actually supervising your kids.

What gives with this? Does aanyone bring it back to the home, and the responsibility of the parents to know what the kids are doing -- those who are in the gang pipeline are in the young teens. If parents knew what they were doing and supervised them, the gang cycle could be stopped.

I am stunned at the blaming of liberal or conservative. We need law enforcement down hard, backing a gang injunction; and we need expectations that parents know what their kids are doing and preventing them from hanging with gangsters.

Ground the kids if they're off track. Have we heard of parenting?

Let's see if politicians, the mayor and council members, will stand up and do something that will protect us. Gang injunction. Ramp up expectations of parents to know what their kids are doing and keep them out of gangs.

On Police Arrest Fourth in Eastside Attack

Posted on October 18 at 3:37 p.m.

Having worked for many years in the mental health field, and combining that experience with opinions of most supposed experts, I can attest to the finding that in the absence of a predisposing factor for mental illness or established mental illness, Cannibus/THC is one of the least dangerous substances available.

With all due respect to Dr. El-A's opinion, please note he works specifically with people who have addiction issues. They are not good candidates for any substance with mind-altering properties.

Certainly, the behavioral effect of THC and impact on body systems is much less that our most favorite of all intoxicants alcohol. Am I the only one who remembers then-candidate Obama suggesting that legalizing and taxing cannibus might be California's solution to its budget problem. If the now Prez would suggest that, he must think it's a fairly benign substance.

So let's get over it. Let's move in the right direction which is taking criminalization of Cannibus off the table. Maybe if we're lucky, the feds will soon follow suit.

On Pro-19

Posted on October 18 at 3:16 p.m.

Readers will note that users of the criminal justice system are the primary advocates for the Measure S funding stream approach. As has been stated by many, the funding of the new jail in staff and construction needs to be placed upon a viable long-team plan that Measure S does not accomplish. Measure is a medium-term trick to get this ill-conceived project out of the chute, with the public then started on a commitment to a project that lacks long-term funding. I for one am tired of these suggestions that we accept a "short-term" tax increase with no long term solution in play. Wait until the Sheriff comes back with a realistic, self-sustaining plan that does not foist yet another burden upon the taxpayer.

It is also interesting that the majority of local politicos happily scratch the Sheriff's back, and support this foolish plan. Our costs are going up in taxes, but no one is getting paid higher salaries, are we. We don't have the cash for this plan.

Stop S before it takes more from your pocket than you can ill afford.

On Measure S Will Make Our Community Safer

Posted on October 18 at 3:06 p.m.

I think it is time that Santa Barbara fully and openly explored the gang injunction option. I do not believe that Cam Sanchez, no matter how well-intended he may be, can effect any changes to the growing gang problem without the leverage of a gang injunction. With gang activity growing out of control, as Sanchez himself notes, it is time to take action and stop with the posturing. With Mayor Schneider suggesting one clutch a cell phone for protection, and avoid places that seem dangerous, is advocating surrender to this lawless bunch. Support for a gang injunction should be a make-or-break political position for the next election cycle. And if the suggestion is made that an injunction is race or ethnicity related -- please wake up and get a life. This is a matter of safety. I, for one, will only vote for candidates that do something about our safety and a gang injunction might prevent this sort of tragedy from happening again. Time to do something concrete, something to deter the swarming gang members you see on both the East and West sides.

On Police Arrest Fourth in Eastside Attack

Posted on June 25 at 8:14 a.m.

If I were the Sheriff, this would make sense to me. But these are hard hard economic times. I don't care if another tax is sunsetting. More taxes are not OK. This is the same policy approach that social services, mental health -- everyone -- thinks should happen to fund their own personal view of improved public services.

Get with it people. Figure out how to fund your projects within existing resources.

Your approach and use of taxation is driving away business and residents, folks who can no longer afford to pay.

There is no value added by jails. Sales taxes like this hit the little guy the hardest.

On Sheriff Pushes for New North County Jail

Posted on February 8 at 9:10 p.m.

I'm once again disappointed at the DFG position. Maybe we should find another way of working this issue. Totally agree that GPS collared dog will make his no sport and will likely see an increase in poaching.

DFG is notoriously inaccurate and inappropriate in its recommendations -- which sound like shills for for the hunting industry.

For one, I like to see my bears ambling across the countryside, not its hide nailed to a wall.

Perhaps we have too many humans - not too many bears.

On Bears in Crosshairs

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