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Posted on November 10 at 12:34 p.m.

At the Goleta branch after waiting nearly 30 minutes for my 2-combo plates & 1- quesadilla and having 3 people who ordered after me get served first I was not a happy camper. But it was after I saw online on my bank the next day that I had been overcharged that I really got upset. 3 calls to the store, I was told the manager/owner was not here although on the 3rd call I could hear the girl ask him and then she came back and said he was not in when he obviously was - I left my name and number told her the problem and asked to have him call me back. 3 hours later I called back and the guy who answered said he would get the manager/owner and then came back saying he was not in but he could help me. I explained, he took my card # said he did not know if he could remove the extra charges but he would try and I could stop by to pick up a gift certificate. My husband shows up two days later for the gift cert at lunch during work an the owner tells him that the credit card company adds on a sir-charge that is later removed and he is not going to give him a gift certificate because the charges MAY BE REMOVED and then what? Well I will tell you then what... then maybe you would have not had a customer that is going to find every way she can to tell people what bad customer service you have and then maybe she would not be encouraging everbody she knows to not go to your restaurants because you did not even have the courtesy to get on the phone and explain yourself but instead had a new employee and another employee lie to me that you were not there so you would not have to talk to me. Next time maybe you should have your employees use the hold function on the phone so your customers cannot hear you telling them to lie. MY SUGGESTION TO THE PUBLIC IS GO ANYWHERE OTHER THAN RUDY'S WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY BECAUSE YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT A LONG TIME, PROBABLY GET OVERCHARGED AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. By the way I have worked in customer service for over 25 years and have managed and owned my own business. The one thing I learned early on is the customer is always right! Thanks Rudy's for the worst experience ever I will make sure to never return to any of your locations!

On Rudy's Mexican Restaurant - Goleta

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