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Posted on July 20 at 1:37 p.m.

I feel for Eric, since he was obviously working hard to keep the place going. However (seems like there's always one of those), his reputation as a local business owner was completely destroyed by his failure to inform his prepaid customers of the company's demise. Instead, after a daily blitz of offers to buy even more prepaid hours, his emails suddenly stopped, short of telling anyone that the company disappeared. He chose to slink away. While perhaps not in the proverbial night, he still acted like a thief. He left the holders of prepaid hours holding an empty bag. I only found out about MIW's disappearance today, a month later, when I got mail from Costco. I gave some MIW vouchers for Christmas, and Costco told me that I can get my money back from them. Pay heed, Eric. That's how a responsible business owner acts. Shame, shame!

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