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Posted on November 17 at 11:38 p.m.

Some people on this board are in complete denial about Greenspon. Fact number one: He used a gun in his robberies and threatened to shoot people if they did not follow his demands. There was no paper bag, there was a gun. Fact number two: Just because he did not shoot anyone during his crime sprees that he used a gun in (he pointed it directly at me there is no mistaking a GUN in your face), does not mean that he did not injure people. I stood next to a mother of three crying her eyes out who she was completely terrified that he would shoot her as he held a gun to our backs. I have co-workers who had to seek therapy for the emotional and mental anguish they went through because of this man's selfish crimes. Two of them quit banking all together because they were so traumatized. I had never been in a violent armed robbery until I came face to face with Greenspon. I suffered post tramautic stress, nightmares, etc. I think diminishing someone's emotional trauma in these types of situations is completely insensitve. He may not have stole anything from you, but he did from me. My feeling of safety in the world will never be the same.

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