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Posted on November 21 at 11:46 a.m.

The maybe you don't need water or your well is too close to your septic tank....but for the rest of us

Proposed rules don't give us much of anything - they don't tell us when an operator has applied for a permit - OBTW they get a permit in 10 days by default approval without receiving any comments from the public or surface/subsurface property owners...So how do you know what is happening subscribe to the DOGGR's weekly listing of notices for drilling or reworking if you can figure out who is doing what and where...then you have 3-4 days to put in comments which DOGGR will blow off - since we don't know anything about drilling or reworking.

But trust them they know better for us - then see "There Will Be Blood" and then KCET/SoCalConnected/The F....Word Episode - Tim Kustic is protecting us... OBTW Obama and others actually say "There is no evidence of problems with fracking" but the Feds have indicted persons regarding the shredding of documents and oil companies make sure they don't keep anything that isn't shredded within one year or is held by consultants and subcontractor. BUT if they get caught they settle with confidentiality clause for you and all descendents....welcome to drilling and production in California and Ventura-Sta Barbara.

On More Fuss Over Fracking

Posted on March 29 at 10:52 a.m.

The field pressure can be relieved without touching the beach or shallow waters - direction drilling and plugging.
Remember GulfofMex - DeepWaterHorizon - downhole-Kill shutoff the blowout by two rigs drilling in mile deep water, a mile away and total drill distance 5-miles and got close enough (+-10ft) to do the bottom kill-pumping alot of cement into the original well bore....
Existing wells can be bottomkilled and/or de-pressurized by producing from the zone giving the problem without touching the surface stuff.
They better know which that one is or you have bigger more serious problems than these wells...

On Coastal Drilling Good for Goleta?

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