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Posted on July 6 at 1:05 p.m.

Great article, Starshine! We're having a baby boy in September and my husband and I decided against the cut. I don't want to put my baby through that kind of pain and nor (like you) do I feel like taking on the responsibility of an unnecessary open wound on our newborn - especially after all the physical recovery that comes with childbirth anyway. I can't find a good enough reason to do it, so I won't. If people feel it's necessary for religious reasons, I'm not going to argue (although I do hear that a growing number of Jewish parents are opting out as well).
Looking at the history of circumcision in this country it's evident that the medical reasons for doing it came only after socio-cultural concerns were well established (read: weird Puritan attitudes towards sex and mental illness). Until the mid-1920s, women were also subjected to circumcision to curb "undignified" behavior. We would probably recoil in horror at this notion now. So why not revisit today's practices and openly ask ourselves why we really continue to do it, rather than simply think we're supposed to?

On Circumcision: Cut It Out?

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