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Posted on April 2 at 1:46 p.m.


- Pot.
- Kettle.
- Black.

On I Controlled a Huge Freakin’ Laser With My Mind!

Posted on April 1 at 8:40 a.m.

@14noscams, the word you used, "telekinesis," appears in neither of the IEEE articles you provided in your comment.

As to being "unable to recognize the basis of this demonstration," I'm not sure if you refer to the IEEE articles -- easily digestible and clear enough -- or the information presented in Tam's, which by his own description is still TBD and an experimental phase.

On I Controlled a Huge Freakin’ Laser With My Mind!

Posted on March 31 at 5:39 p.m.


Although terrific and important research, this:

- - :: "In that experiment, volunteers each wore a cap containing multiple electrode sensors that picked up the slight electric currents produced by brain waves. Different thoughts changed the wave patterns. As the subjects imagined steering the flying robot, the sensors would pick up the waves and wirelessly transmit them to a laptop that amplified the waves and ran them through signal processing algorithms to extract control signals. Those signals were then wirelessly transmitted to the drone to control its flight in real time.

- - :: “Key to our success was the integration of engineering innovation and neuroscience research,” He says. “It reflects the essence of the IEEE Life Sciences New Initiative.”

and this:

- - :: "Wireless brain-machine interfaces would be much more practical and could be implanted in several different areas of the brain to tap into more neurons. A typical scheme would have electrodes penetrating brain tissue, picking up neuronal electrical impulses, called spikes. A chip would amplify and process the signals and transmit them over a broadband RF connection through the skull to a receiver. Then, just as in wired systems, algorithms would decode these signals into commands for operating a computer or a robot."

Are neither "telekinesis" as you state above, nor representative of what Tam Hunt is asserting in this column.

It's akin to holding your RC helicopter controls and telling someone you are controlling the helicopter by moving your hands around.

On I Controlled a Huge Freakin’ Laser With My Mind!

Posted on March 28 at 2:34 p.m.


Extraordinary claims require proof in equal measure.

(Hint: your comments -- "native2sb" and "14noscams" -- to reach a level of walking-around credibility, should exceed the sulphurous, fever-dream belches you typically provide.)

On SWAT Team Searching State Street Gun Shop

Posted on March 28 at 2:15 p.m.

Good point, "native2sb," only marred by the thorough absence of fact.

If you would like to see just one of several recent independent audits of The Fed, as required by law, you may visit:

And here's an additional audit as required by Congress:
[Deloitte's audit --pdf]

On Income Taxes: Legit or Not?

Posted on March 28 at 10:54 a.m.

Special to "italiansurg":

On still yet another hand, think how different everything would be if the Scarecrow had a brain instead of straw.

On I Am Not a Dog

Posted on March 27 at 4:19 p.m.

Reagan did have to deal with a Democratic majority in the House, as does Obama have to contend with a Republican-lead House.

The point you make, "Botany," may not be the one you hope for; Reagan's initiatives didn't face the type of obstruction -- particularly via threat of filibuster, a keen indication of Congressional amiability.

One stat, that of the number of cloture motions filed, is representative:

- Reagan's Senate had a total of 167, over 8 years.
- Obama's Senate filed 252 in 4 years.

And remember cloture filings are not all the filibusters enacted, simply those of which the Majority reacted to; many filibuster threats go unopposed because of vote counts and a relative lack of importance of the issue vs. the time involved in fighting a filibuster.

It has become a tyranny of the minority.

On Starvation, American Style

Posted on March 21 at 8:45 a.m.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

- - - - -

Special to Pulitzer Prize Committee,

Please note -- Alliterative Sentence of the Year:
"They pointed out Pini’s propensity to pack his properties with as many people as possible, and suggested that the roof deck Pini proposed to build on top of the new garage would become party central for reveling renters."

On Pini-Proofing Chino Street

Posted on March 17 at 9:39 p.m.

Sorry "joer43" you need to do your homework. What ever gave you the idea that:

"...- [Cirone and the Santa Barbara County Education office] encompasses a bunch of ancillary services but not a single school?"

: :"Community Schools and Community Day Schools
– El Puente Lompoc, El Puente Santa Barbara, Peter B. FitzGerald in Santa Maria, two Summit High Schools in Santa Barbara, and two Phoenix High Schools in Lompoc and Santa Maria – serve three types of students: those who may be transitioning back to district schools from court schools, having violated criminal law; offenders referred by Probation; and
those students who have been expelled from school.

: :"Residential Court Schools.
-- Los Robles High at Los Prietos Boys Camp and Dos Puertas School at Santa Maria Juvenile Hall — serve students who have violated the law and been removed from home by the court. Students live at the schools, within Probation facilities."

Even more surprising because the second line of the article reads:

-- "Run by the county education office, the school serves children who have been suspended or expelled from Santa Barbara district high schools."

On El Puente Closing

Posted on March 16 at 7:33 p.m.

With such a compelling argument "DarrylGenis," it's inconceivable that only 4 of 12 jurors swallowed it.

As I said March 13, 2013 at 6:47 p.m.:
"I look forward to the retrial."

On Mistrial Declared in Tony Denunzio DUI Case

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