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Posted on March 18 at 6:51 p.m.

Wow, Jay, do you have a little chip on your shoulder or what? Just waiting for a chance, I see...

As for your comment:
"The trouble with 'social science' is that much of it isn't science. Real scientists don't 'want' anything of their subjects, they do neutral observation and employ the scientific method."

It's pretty clear you just don't understand what social scientists do or how they do it. A fundamental aspect of social science is achieving objectivity, through a host of methods for theorizing, observation, measurement, and analysis...that is the crux of "science," whether it's chemistry/biology/physics or sociology/communication/economics. The major difference is the complexity of phenomena under study, and a pretty compelling argument can be made that human behavior is by far the most complex phenomenon there is.

As for the "they had failed to toke" line in the story, it's another error on the part of the reporter, not the speaker, like the out of context quote, which requires a bit of mental fluidity (rather than kneejerk rigidity) to roll with...some people clearly lack that...don't they? Now, carry on bro!...happy reading.

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