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Posted on December 23 at 11:24 a.m.

Why print an article about EBT?
Perhaps because heart disease is still the Number One killer of both men and women in our country?
Perhaps because EBT is the proven gold standard for detection and prevention?
If a practitioner/scientist takes the time to read the more than 1,500 peer-reviewed research papers in the most prestigious medical journals, he or she might recognize and acknowledge it's value in predicting and treating heart disease.
The reason that the superior EBT scan(s) "has been around for decades" is that the top medical facilities from The Mayo Clinic to UCLA have endorsed it's value.
The EBT is, in fact, an elegant design and the only way to detect the presence of coronary artery calcified plaque accurately and with a fraction of the radiation of other CT scanners.
This simple, safe and affordable test is the best way to know if you have heart disease absent of symptoms.
Those interested in knowing this vital information should, indeed, "run". They should run to the nearest EBT center for a coronary calcium score and find a physician, of which there are many, who endorse it's value and use it to help their patients prevent premature death from myocardial infarction (heart attacks).
It appears that HealthWave is providing patients a viable way to determine their risk BEFORE they have life-threatening "events".
That is the future of medicine as opposed to the current model of treating the patient AFTER the disease has presented itself.
For the many, many patients who are taking their healthcare as a personal responsibility, getting these scans is an essential component in their arsenal.
Thanks to the Independent and other forward-looking publications, the public is becoming aware of the best tools available in the modern era of medicine.
While so many "practitioners" (well meaning as they might be) are busy "looking at alternative technologies", patients are doing their own research and actually taking advantage of EBT themselves.
That is a good thing.
I applaud The Independent and the author for letting patients know about this technology in their local community.

On Scanned for Life

Posted on June 2 at 10:56 p.m.

Yours was the kindest, gentlest review I've read in a long time and perfectly appropriate for the concert. It would be easy to criticize the creaks and cracks and miss the point that so many of us are here in sunny California because of them. They certainly didn't create it, but no one has ever championed and celebrated all things sun and fun like they have.
I probably knew you back on Mesa Lane. I was Mike's friend and manager for a long time. Your sister probably got her check signed by me.
I "discovered" Jeff, Randy Kirsch, Jim Studer (with Messina's band) and Bo Fox and created and named The Endless Summer Beach Band.
A very tired Mike Love and I shared some memories and laughs backstage Monday night.
Jeff Foskett is a genuine friend of mine. I am so very happy to see him get the credit he deserves in your article and on the front page of the LA Times.
Thank you for giving credit where it's due.
I appreciate it and I know Jeffrey will, too.

On The Beach Boys at the Santa Barbara Bowl

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