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Posted on April 19 at 9:22 a.m.

Truly sad... this guy was around the pit quite often. He was very quiet, yet friendly when engaged, and was generally a very mellow character. Occasionally he would paddle out for a surf and snag a few waves peacefully, never hassling anyone. Other times he could be seen walking his dog and enjoying the morning cup of coffee at what has always been a quiet, local, family beach. I cannot say I really knew him, but as someone who frequents this beach, i cannot recall this guy being confrontational in any way. I can only hope that karma catches up with the coward who attacked him and took his life.

What needs to be of serious concern to SB residents going forward here is the issue of alcohol consumption at Hendry's. There has been a noticeable and visible rise of alcohol consumption at the beach park area, of groups gathering and drinking, and a considerable amount of verbal hassling and general jack-ass behavior that stem from this. Interesting to me is the fact that there are people drinking at the beach by 7:30 am almost every morning of the week, and the fact that local law enforcement choose to drive through the parking lot and completely ignore this element(witnessed many times). It has gotten to the point where people just don't want to walk near certain areas of the park because groups of derilicts and drunks congregate and make it unpleasant, if not a hassle. The age old pattern seems to be that the more alcohol consumed directly relates to the amount of verbal hassling and general belligerence that will follow. It is just plain ridiculous that this is the only beach in town where this is allowed to happen on a daily basis. City and County officials need to pull their heads out of the sand, and seriously consider a ban on alcohol at Hendry's. If folks want to drink... they can go to the Boathouse, sit down, and pay for one. Better yet...ban alcohol altogether at the beach, the park, and the Boathouse. We would get rid of the derilicts, improve the overall safety and cleanliness of the beach, create less trash and waste, and oh by the way... also help prevent people from DRINKING AT THE BEACH/BOATHOUSE, GETTING IN THEIR CARS, AND DRIVING AWAY!!!
Essentially we could create a safer, cleaner beach experience...while simultaneously reducing the number of drunk drivers leaving the Hendry's beach area...hmmm
HELLO!!!???!!! Common sense please!?!?!

On Hendry’s Beach Victim Identified

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