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Posted on December 2 at 1:32 p.m.

This piece seems to be more about a spoiled woman who is angry about her divorce and having to step into reality. How embarrassing for you to be so brash and insult your ex-husband for giving you an opportunity to experience what a large population of the entire world will not. Willingly and publicly!  Divorce was your opportunity to take action? Doubtful. You had a choice to stay home (you did say "he urged you.") As educated as you claim to be, maybe you should have made an informed decision of your own. 

You sound like an egotistical spoiled brat who looks down upon any mother who decides to stay home and care for her family. My husband knows that at any time I may go back to my career and put my Yale degree to use, if I so CHOOSE. 

You also stated that you were acclimated to a Santa Barbara lifestyle. Most people are aware of what that means, even if they don’t live here. Welcome to what the rest of America has been dealing with: downsizing. I'd be shocked and awed if you didn't receive some portion of divorce settlement that allowed you "the Santa Barbara lifestyle" you are so keen to. I hope your children that you are trying to “Role Mother,” aren’t old enough to understand how you publicly ousted their father, insulted the city in which you live, and brag about basically doing nothing (oh, but there’s that diplomatic passport). It’s a good thing Santa Barbara is so small and not many read this paper. The rest of America would find this article to be a complete and utter joke. As do I.

Oh, by the way. My mother stayed at home and we could not afford it. But, my father supported her CHOICE (there's that funny word again). As far as I'm concerned, she was the best role model I could have ever had.

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