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Posted on June 2 at 10:07 p.m.

This letter is about choice of vocabulary. The four letter word meaning manure. What sh-it means for the youth is one thing. What sh-it means to the older generation is another thing. I would like to know if attendence was lower than usual because of the use of the inappropiate word. Sh-it might have caught people's attention, where without it, less people would have read the advertisement. Also, was the pet psychic offended? It doesnt really matter that the Pastor was offended. Let's get a response from the psychic.

On Inappropriate Language

Posted on June 1 at 7:03 p.m.

I would suggest the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation get their hands on it, and tear it down and restore the preexisting Presidio buildings. Perhaps they are the new owners, as the new owners have not been revealed.

On If the Post Office vacates its historic downtown building, what would you like to see there?

Posted on May 25 at 12:34 p.m.

The inappropiate comment added to the event spot was directed to the reader and what was in their mind, when the event was aimed at participants who wanted to read their pet's mind. There is a difference between reading pet s--t and human s--t. It only goes to show why people have trouble reading minds, is because the human ego has gotten so big that it thinks it knows all. When it really doesnt know very much at all.

Oops! Your comment contains saucy language we'd like to avoid. Please revise. "s--t". Isnt that funny. The Event Person can type in the foul word....but I cant.

I think the writer of the Event's Column should post a public apology for being off key with her comments.

On Inappropriate Language

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