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Posted on August 17 at 1:42 a.m.

I have a giftcard that was gifted to me for Avia Spa and I'm wondering if any compensation or refund is going to be compensated.... I feel deeply for the employees and I believe that it is very unfortunate that they have been put into a situation where they have to find new jobs without notice. It just goes to show how insensative the owners and managers of this buisness are to employees and patrons of Avia over the past few years. Avia is probably one of the most recommended and respected spas in SB and its a shame that I, along with many others, will not be able to enjoy the services that they have been so respected for. The reputation of this company and it's owners will forever be tarnished by unprofessionalism and mismanagement.Such a shame:( shame upon the owners and managers. Good thing that there are other spas in town that will step up and deliver on thier promise of good service and good value. Unfortunatly I dont have a $120 gift card to those spas:(

On Avia Spa Abruptly Closes

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