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Posted on October 13 at 8:53 p.m.

After viewing comments from this article (which is over three and a half years old by now), I decided to comment on the comments of my own article. Unfortunately, I still have the same situation as back then. If you're not getting offered work or financial backing and you don't really know what direction to turn, a positive attitude and getting out of your funk obviously isn't going to help. I'm glad chiropractic is working so well as a profession of one of the Doctors who commented, but I'm sure he had different circumstances starting out (such as financial backing, good location, good associateship,etc). I have been trying to find a direction, but have not found it yet; and now it's even harder since both the economy and the chiropractic profession are generally not doing very well. As for the anti chiropractic people who commented, there actually is a scientific basis to adjustments and research has backed it up. Chiropractic has even enhanced the health and function of animals and human infants (no placebo effect here). Chiropractic has so much to offer and it deserves to play a major role in mainstream healthcare.

Dr. Edmund Geswein, DC

On Tales of the Unemployed: A Chiropractor's Lament

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