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Posted on June 6 at 12:52 p.m.

Whether or not there's a representation issue, district elections also help with accountability and responsiveness. In business, if "everyone" is accountable then no one is accountable. District elections seem like they would introduce one point person who would be held accountable for a section of the town. Seems like good government 101.

On District Elections: Placebo or Panacea?

Posted on September 4 at 5:53 p.m.

Fair point Randy Rowse, objecting to revenues collected from within the city of Santa Barbara going to schools that serve constituents outside the city of Santa Barbara.

However. We have to do something to get better funding for SB elementary schools. The Goleta, Hope and both Montecito schools districts are all in the black but the Santa Barbara school district - which includes elementary schools within the city of Santa Barbara plus the junior high and high schools that serve Goleta, Hope Ranch and Montecito - continues to cut millions of dollars from the budget every year.

My first grader has 30 students in his class at Roosevelt and it will likely only get worse next year, and that - pardon my French - pisses me off. Sure seems like we need reliable, locally-based funding for SB elementary schools, and it'd be nice to get some leadership from some of our local electeds on this.

Either we should consolidate all the school districts or split the SB elementary schools out into their own district, with their own funding and governance.

On Mayor Scraps $12 Million Initiative Package

Posted on May 31 at 3:06 p.m.

Thx for the link. Checked out the coverage. Lots of articles on UCSB and then some on the school board but only a handful on k-12.

Am thinking sb k-6 could be a regular beat. Seems to be plenty going on for content in k-6, and certainly a good number of involved parents would make a point of reading a regularly published column on the topic.

On The Turnaround Job

Posted on May 31 at 2:26 p.m.

Quick question: If Peabody controls it's own budget, who makes the decision on budget cuts?

On Award-Winning Peabody Educator Laid Off

Posted on May 31 at 9:34 a.m.

Excellent article. One of the best I've read in the Independent - which has some good stuff - in a while. As a parent of kindergartner who's about to go into the 1st grade and a pre-schooler who's about to go into Kindergarten, this was very interesting. Would love to see the Independent systematically cover all the schools on an ongoing basis and help ID what's working and what's not, rather than just providing coverage as events drive the story i.e. Handall going to to work for the district, the Harding principal leaving to go to the Carp district etc etc.

On The Turnaround Job

Posted on March 15 at 2:01 p.m.

Nicely done. The article and the life.

On Selma Rubin: 1915-2012

Posted on November 9 at 1:16 p.m.

Taking a look at the articles, comments and precinct results, am seeing three keys:
1) Cathy ran a great campaign, particularly the ground game. She and her troops may in fact have been the only ones out seriously walking the flats
2) Folks vote for folks like themselves. Fair. Francisco's and Rowse's supporters did the same thing.
3) In some key precincts (eg, 1207, 1216 and 1232), some voters only used one of their votes, voting only for Cathy but not other folks, and that was enough to give Rowse the win over Iya. Again, fair. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Having said that, Dems only have four votes on the council now when they could have had five...

On Santa Barbara Votes 2011

Posted on November 9 at 10:49 a.m.

Looks like Iya almost knocked off Rowse. About 250 votes difference. If Iya had just done a bit better in the East and West sides, we'd have two new Dem council members. Any thoughts/comments why Cathy did so much better than Iya in these precincts?

On Santa Barbara Votes 2011

Posted on September 21 at 6:10 p.m.

Gotta tell ya, Sheila Lodge sounds like a stand-up gal. She represented slow growth when she was mayor and now, she's standing up for slow growth again. The problem is that SB neighborhood folks are stuck w/ bad choices. On one hand, we've got Reeps who don't have good ideas but don't like higher density/overcrowding. On the other, we've got so-called liberals who got into bed w/ developers in the name of "affordable housing". Meanwhile Santa Barbara gets less and less affordable for middle-class families who own a house and are trying to make ends meet. Maybe it's time for someone to represent the families who live in the neighborhoods, own homes, need good schools and want to maintain a high quality of life while still being able to pay the bills every month. So far, Falcone and Byrne seem like they're the closest thing we've got ...

On Former Mayor Endorses Incumbents

Posted on August 20 at 8:50 a.m.

It's understandable why Iya is out of the race since there are many things that are more important than running for office. But it's too bad that maybe the most qualified candidate is no longer a choice.

Left unbarked by the Poodle is the position that middle-class, neighborhood Dems are now in with the only viable Dem option being a Pro-developer Democrat.

A while back, it seems some SB Dems/Libs decided it was OK to get into bed w/ developers to enable development just so long as "affordable housing" was included. Simply put, there many ways to make SB more affordable, and continuing this "build more" policy that has been condo-izing Santa Barbara in the last couple of years shows a lack of imagination.

However, the biggest bummer is that this "build more" policy is walking away from SB middle-class neighborhood families who make the choice - and who work very hard - to live here.

Choosing between a Yes on Prop 8 but largely pro-neighborhood Republican or a Pro-Developer but largely solid liberal Dem forces voters like me to choose between quality of life issues and our principles. Candidates always evolve during campaigns as new information becomes available. Maybe Schneider can review Measure B again, and clearly state her unequivocal support. This would make it a lot easier to show up for her in November.

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