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Posted on September 20 at 3:14 p.m.

Did you even read the article? Self promoting what?


I am done with you

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 2:26 p.m.

@ Davy…thank you…I have had no sleep and the news about my Father is a bitter pill to swallow…it is not good…rough day…Thanks for words. Dumb me... I fell into his sick little web…dope that I am. Thanks again.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 2:23 p.m.

Jarvis Jarvis-you trolled a piece I wrote in 2008 and re-published in 2011 about events from 2004. My partner from that relationship DIED. You jerk!. Jesus. My last relationship lasted10 years and I raised two kids and cared for 3 family members who are or where disabled. I don't look at any of it as a failure.Or a bad choice. It is my family-still is…we still hang out…just better off in different camps. Get your facts straight. I use many resources to help-I also help others get them. Housing. Money. Help with Medical Issues. Goods. Services... Most of the local agencies and resources have had budget cuts or are tapped out at this time. LEGAL AID needs support. They are INUNDATED with Rental complaints. Who was the last person you helped? You know not of what you speak. Again GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Do you how stupid you sound here? Do you even get it? Sick.Sad.Joke.And as for self promoting…you do a MARVELOUS job!

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 1:44 p.m.

@ Jarvis Jarvis and Botany you have not been kind either…no reason to get ugly here…yet you both have.Leave me out of your bitter mix.
Shame on you!
You do not know me…how dare you!
AND if you do know me-be man or woman enough to say this to my face!
MY FATHER IS DIEING!!!!! I have gotten resources for him…and I do it for others as well. Most of my work is pro bono-because while my situation is very challenging .It is not as bad as others. This is a community made up of beating hearts of all kinds. We all need help sometimes.My family is %50 disabled. I have been the sole family caregiver for more than 20 years.I am my fathers only family caregiver. Nurses and Dr's at least get paid to clean up poop and blood.You really know nothing of my position. Have you no heart?
You must be soul sick...Jesus. You must have been very hurt. It is all I can think.Those that have been damaged and hurt generally act out like you.
Work out what where in 2011 Jarvis? So now you are trolling my comments from 4 years ago? For what? To load your hate-sling-shot?And taking words out of context to serve your evil purposes. You must have a very sad life to need to blast me. All I did was tell my experience as a renter in support of others having the same issues.Why are you even on this comment page?I can see you like to pick fights.You started the mud slinging. I am a little too long in the tooth-too old for a "sugar daddy" (but thanks for the compliment Did someone hurt you so deeply and badly that you are this angry now? Wouldn't it be a better practice to simply try compassion? Or is that beyond you? You seem to be a very sad and depressed person. I feel sorry for you. Pity in fact. I hope you can find away to let go of your anger and just live..try to find some light and love and peace. You make me so very sad…for you. You just got added to my meditation. Thanks for sharing.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 9:34 a.m.

I was not permitted to put nudes on the site

On Live Nude Water Babies! The Adventure of Taking Off And Diving In!

Posted on September 20 at 8:35 a.m.

Part 3 of 3. …so the last landlords owned many properties that were fairly priced. Had long term tenants. Who cared for the property well. Why can't other landlords just be happy with a reasonable and fair income from their properties? Most people earn what the earn every week…every month…every year. I know of 3 people who lost their homes the same way we are losing our. The landlord kicked them so they could raise the rent excessively or turn it into a vacation rental. I have been very transparent here. And taken flack for it. I call that brave. When landlords misrepresent their properties,call a place a town house that is just an apartment on the second floor or when an owner asks for 2 or 3 times the rent as deposit-who does that help? Working families who live here and do ALL THE SERVICE JOBS in SB -cannot afford 2 or 3 tikes the rent as deposit. Many of us don't see our families because we have to work 3 jobs. I work as an Indy Contractor because I cannot find a full time job that pays enough and because I am often pulled away to manage medical care for my family.I am the taxi, the heal care manger,the cook-the caregiver.Perhaps some thought could be swayed to the humanity in all of this. And Jarvis Jarvis-I deeply question your humanity. To take a shot at me when I am in the single worst place in my life…loss of family,loss of work,illness..and loss of an affordable home. How dare you. When was the last time you went and fed dinner to an AIDS patient that has no family? When was the last to time you basically got off the computer and did anything for anyone. Shame on you. To anyone else that reads this comment. I am just venting. Try to accept and tolerate this. Have mercy. Jarvis Jarvis on the other …bite me.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 8:32 a.m.

Part 2 of 3 @Jarvis Jarvis
My father is on his death bed.My fiancé left me after I supported him through nursing school. My son and I were both injured in two car accidents. And we are losing our home because I let the owner know it was illegal to expect us to pay the electric bill for another unit. NO it was not in the contract. No we were never asked. YES we dod find issues after the move in. Yes were told we would be reimbursed for improvements.
We are losing our home after investing much. We were led to believe much and promises were broken. You try moving with kids,sick parents and illness. I am the SOLE support for my family.When a 2 bedroom rat hole is reining for $2,000 per month it should get some ones attention. It IS greed. Our last rental was downtown-we knew the owners-were there for 7 years. We improved the place. Were good neighbors. It was $2500 for 3 bedrooms and included utilities. They told us they had paid off the house years ago. The property had three units. One 2 bedroom in the rear that rented for $1800 and a studio that rented for $800. Who is Jarvis Jarvis? Clearly has A LOT of time to troll.
Continued below

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 20 at 8:28 a.m.

Part 1 of 3-@ Bill Clausen-Thank you. I know you know me from here and you have always been a good a reasonable listener and commenter. I would not have exposed myself here if I did not think it might help not just my self but others. We are NONE OF US alone in this life. These things that are happening to me and my family are tragic. Loss of family is brutal. Being a caregiver is HARD. It is the most under served part of the population that is also the fastest growing part of the population. So thanks Bill for acknowledging me here.

Who is Jarvis Jarvis? Clearly who ever this is-they have A LOT of time to troll.

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 6:02 a.m.

..again…how does this happen? We let these people rule because we are in need and they take advantage of their position. Clearly we need some laws-hard core-well built fences. Property inspections…strong arm actions….we as a community need to learn to say ENOUGH!

On The High Price of Renting in Paradise

Posted on September 19 at 5:59 a.m.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Slum lords should have a special jail…like maybe one of their own places..infested. Just a thought. Scum

On Pini Sues Carpinteria

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