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Posted on April 15 at 10:49 a.m.

Today (and most everyday...) I carried a loaded M4 service rifle with ACOG and 9mm pistol to breakfast, lunch and dinner... So did all 92 of my closest pals. one feels threatened or out of place and no one complains about "open carry". After reading these comments I feel safe, safe and at peace in my current environment.

On Open Carry at Starbucks

Posted on February 10 at 11:37 a.m.

Well said bloggulator. Seriously.
However, no one will ever quote you or these people that hung out at Vandenberg. You essentially make my argument. You did some research on one of my brothers and added a few catchy phrases but what are YOU actually doing? Nothing. You continue to sit in outer left field and armchair quaterback. In the same fashion as Smedley Butler I continue to serve and actually produce tangible results. You serve no one but You and exercise your vocabulary in complete safety and security given to you by great men prepared to do violence on your behalf.
You are correct...I am name calling. My title is U.S. Marine. What's yours?

On What Americans Really Have to Fear

Posted on February 9 at 11:50 a.m.

I wonder what the grandchild of a protester thinks? The legacy of the American anti-war protester is that of a coward and always will be. There is not and never will be a monument to such folks because you are not ever in danger of dying. Don't like war? Get a one-way to Nowzad, Kowst or Helmand and hold up one of your signs and see what happens. I'd bet my fellow "gun-toting paid goons" and "lowly security grunts" will rescue your ass regardless of your cowardice and anti-American rant. You don't make a play no put nothing on the sit in the cheap seats and throw snowballs. Driving a Prius, wearing Uggs and a 150$ sweater while sipping Chai Latte does not make you a patriot. Load up 96.23llbs of CIF gear and go teach the ISAF patrolling techniques and try not to get blown up in the process. That, my friends, is peacemaking 101 at it's finest...

On What Americans Really Have to Fear

Posted on December 7 at 10:22 a.m.

We? As I make my merry way through another Mojave Viper I failed to see your name on my kill roster. "We" don't fight, die, suffer...Your Marines might do such things but I doubt very seriously that you have donned the gear and been a part of the "We" that does the work of a warrior.
Over a thousand (all volunteers by the way) of us are here learning great lessons and preparing to do violence, if needed, on your behalf so you can continue to sit in the cheap seats and throw balls at your freely elected government.

On Viet Nam All Over Again

Posted on April 21 at 2:20 p.m.

I was thinking of responding to each indivdual comment and asked myself what I am trying to accomplish. I figure that the more we comment online about this (or any other issue...) the less likely we are to sit down and have real-life, in-person dialogue. I am built differently and don't know where to begin other than to offer any one of you in the cheap seats an open invitation, any time, to buy me a beer and tell me how things are in Fallujah, Iraq or my Marine Corps. I am all ears...

On None

Posted on August 6 at 5:07 p.m.

At least the DP logo wasn't stolen from a bottle of Lowenbrau...Go Chargers!

On Santa Barbarans Go for the Gold

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