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Posted on November 21 at 12:48 p.m.

Hello all,

I just want to clear up a few things that were absent in this article. As one of the even organizers, who is not featured in the photo, I would like to provide additional information regarding the aim and the turn out at our protest.
1) I would like to point out that the media did not capture the diversity (race, age, etc...) of the crowd that gathered.
2) Though we are appreciative for the media coverage, the article does not really illucidate what it was that we wanted to do through our demonstration. Below is a clarification:
a) We wanted to open a dialogue with members of the church of LDS that did not support us. We held other signs such as "good people make mistakes" and "our families deserve protection too" in order to try to build a bridge and begin a process of mutual understanding and healing. The sign featured by the Independent was humorous (which is a decided aspect of our community) but did not fully represent all of our beliefs or even our understanding of the Mormon religion- they are not polygamysts.
2) We also intended to thank those members of the church of LDS that voted No on 8. To that end, some of us were holding signs which thanked those members of the church.
3) We wanted to bring awareness to both the members that did not support the LGBTQ community in achieving equal rights and to the general public (dom. partnerships do not bestow rights such as immigration rights, shield from inheritance taxes, social security benefits, among many others) that we disagree with the effort to combine church and state. We do not want to force the church to allow gay marriage, but we believe that we, as equal citizens, deserve the right to CIVIL marriage under the laws of the government to which we are allied and pay taxes.
These were the objectives of our demonstration. Thank you for reading.

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