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Posted on October 24 at 12:20 p.m.

Best of luck to SB Charter. It is a great school and is an asset to the community in that it provides a choice to parents looking for an alternative education in Santa Barbara.

Even with the best intentions to increase diversity, they are at a disadvantage since they are located in Goleta off Fairview and are supposed to match the diversity of a district that they technically don't reside in. It sounds like Charter is on board to do all the right things to increase diversity. It would be a shame to put hard numbers down as a condition of the charter renewal though, because in the end, it is a lottery. A very popular lottery with a wait list at that.

As far as testing goes, this is a very small school compared to others like Roosevelt and Washington. They have over 600 students and SB Charter has 200. Considering that there are many parents at this school that pull their kids from testing, that has to be taken into account when looking at the statistics.

I hope that their Charter is renewed without too many conditions that would drastically change all the things that make that school so great.

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