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Posted on September 7 at 7:41 p.m.

There is a difference in something being truly humorous and some subjects being manipulated to feed into the self centered reality that we all find ourselves in each and every day.

I don't condemn those that eat gluten or try to make them gluten free just for the sake of one person. We also tuck away snacks in order to not "impose" our story onto others...But why? Because nothing is more boring than listening to someone tell their health story? Maybe what's really funny is that some people are so utterly shallow that they make fun of people who explain their food issues.

Everyone has their rationalizations don't they - Mine is that when someone writes an article that ridicules gluten free, it just gives the clueless reader who stumbled upon it one more reason to pass a judgement when confronted with it. Here's a list of reasons that personally come to mind from my support group:
1. A 10 yr old girl with anaphylactic peanut allergies gets a peanut butter cookie placed into her school desk because the kid who put it there wanted to see what would happen and thought allergies were like sneezing
2. A 15 year old girl had Doritos rubbed onto her face by 2 other teenager girls which resulted in her face being broken out in hives for 7 days that left splothes on her face for a month.
3. A 7 year old handed a regular muffin in a school cafeteria by the lunch lady who said, "Awww a little bit won't hurt you"
The kid was sick for a week.
4. Parent shows up to pick up child from play date and her 9 yr old was having crumbled crackers thrown onto her on the playground while the sitter washed dishes and didn't notice. When asked why, the bully answered, "Because I didn't think it would hurt her that bad"

So...there's funny, and then there's a line where you make the choice to add to the problem or be the solution.

On I'm Gluten-Free-Vegan-Intolerant

Posted on September 7 at 3:28 a.m.

Your article is the same type of article I have imagined would have been written by the bullies my child with celiac disease has encountered throughout her lifetime in school. No less immature than they are, your opinionated view is devoid of factuality and hopefully will not influence anyone else into reacting as immaturely and selfishly as others will follow suit in doing. Fact: food allergies have tripled in the last decade, 1 in 133 people are thought to have celiac disease, and sensitivities have increased by 4 times. Like it or not, we are here to remain a pain in your rear.

On I'm Gluten-Free-Vegan-Intolerant

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