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Posted on December 13 at 12:37 p.m.


Your complaints were: puff peice, local is not defined, and prayer flags.

Puff peice: a welcome review of a local and cherished restaurant that is trying hard to stimulate local food economies and food-making communities, by not only buying locally sourced produce for its restaurant and its nationally distributed frozen pizza line, but by hiring local people with disabilities, and promoting the welfare of agricultural laborers through food sovereignty and food security principles as established in the field of political ecology.

Local is not defined: Locality is a geographical place as well as a community concept. As stated above, Full of Life sources as much of its ingredients through local food producers-then it sends the bounty of their creations out to the national community. As far as locality is concerned within the context of the United States, if people in Alaska are eating Full of Life frozen pizza instead of DiGiorno's which pays no attention to local sourcing and food-miles traveled, then even that is more local.

Prayer Flags: these are square scraps of cloth in varying colors that children and other artistic customers have drawn pictures on. The staff has strung them up and hung them around the restaurant. They are no different than the four leaf clover cut outs that are hung at the Albertson's grocery windows in Buellton when people donate a dollar for cancer research on St. Pattrick's day. Except people don't give money to flatbread for the prayer flags. It's a feel good thing, and it promotes community building. Children from Olga Reed elementary school also created the art on the tiles of the ovens.

"Weave the social fabric." That is what people in the local food movement are trying to do, and Full of Life is doing a good job. Of course they deserve praise!

On The Skinny on Full of Life Flatbread Pizza

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