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Posted on April 11 at 10:41 a.m.

These workers who voted in 2006 to be unionized chose to be union. It is a right for all employees to be able to form a union and be represented so they have a voice at the bargaining table. For an employer to spend millions of dollars so she does not have a unionized work force does not make bushiness sense. She spent so much more than she would have if she negotiated a fair contract both sides could live with. Of course she has a right to mismanage and make horrible decisions but to destroy the lives of so many people is unjust. I applaud the workers who fought so hard to form a union I also applaud the community who continues to boycott this newspaper. Good luck on your endeavors to get a first contract.

On Not Taking It to the Supremes

Posted on July 15 at 5:38 p.m.

I believe the Teamsters picked their fight very wisely. There are no innocent shop owners. If the shop owner continues to advertise in this newspaper they have disregarded the plea from the community for their support. The shop owners have all been informed of the disputes and illegal actions of the NP. The whole community knows why there is a dispute. Why else would nearly 10,000 people cancel reading the paper.
The advertising dollars spent helps to support the NP
campaign against the newsroom workers.
The volunteers who are passing out flyers are supporting
the efforts for these workers by informing the community of this long bitter dispute. The community has spoken out against the NP and want their paper back. My advice to the shop owners is be wise, support the community that spends their hard earned dollars at your business and find other advertising outlets until this dispute is over.

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