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Posted on August 20 at 1:49 p.m.

But Botany that just doesn't make any logical sense. If a car hits somebody they can easily get crushed and die, whereas a bicyclist running into somebody would never cause those types of injuries in any case unless, possibly, they are traveling at an extremely high velocity - and most bicycle infractions have nothing to do with pedestrians. Bicycles can't cause nearly the damage a car can, there is no reason to give them a ticket that costs hundreds of dollars.

I'm not even that thrilled with the concept of how our legal system works, but as long as we do have flexibility in these matters there is a way to use logic to make judgements that make the laws more fair.

I don't think people should receive infractions for simply endangering themselves.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

Posted on August 20 at 1:23 p.m.

"The Department of Homeland Security is running the Ferguson Police Department and that their actions are designed to antagonize and to provoke the locals to violence. He further stated that he believed that the ultimate goal is to inflame the local citizens to such a point martial law will be declared.

In and even more shocking revelation, this DHS source stated that the rioting and looting which followed the shooting death of 18 year old, Michael Brown, was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers."

"A video has surfaced in which a man in the Saint Louis area, who has been involved in the protests in Missouri tells viewers that agent provocateurs are infiltrating legitimate protests in Missouri, all for the sake of the government growing its militarized presence in the area."

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Posted on August 20 at 12:50 p.m.

First of all I don't recall Ken defending Morua at all, I do recall him defending Capps and her liability.

Botany, I think what sevendolphins was saying was that since he sees many, many more cars out on the road than bikes he actually sees more automobile infractions than bike infractions - although bike infractions may occur more frequently as a percentage they also generally don't affect anybody else except the safety of the biker - that doesn't mean that bikes can't cause unsafe situations, and I think they should be ticketed when they do cause unsafe situations for others, just not to the extent that cars do since the damages are generally significantly less. You could probably cut the amount of the fine by 5x or 10x for similar biking infractions and only enforce them when they create unsafe situations for others.

The fact is accidents happen, we all do our best to avoid them and unless somebody is operating extremely negligently, everybody operates somewhat negligently at times and we should balance the line between holding people responsible and avoiding unnecessarily destroying two people's lives instead of just one.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

Posted on August 20 at noon

"I am not against cops - however, I am against cops behaving badly, and the equipment used in Ferguson has even Republicans speaking out against it." -tabatha

I've been speaking out against the militarization of our police forces for some time now and people are finally getting a wake up call.

That leftist hack Ed Schultz was on MSNBC the other day claiming that this equipment shouldn't be used in low income neighborhoods and should be reserved for right-wing extremists.......*sigh*

Senator Rand Paul wrote an op-ed in Time saying that we must demilitarize our police:

Mike Huckabee even came out with similar statements.

Today is Ron Paul's 79th birthday, he is a Republican who has been fighting against police militarization for decades and I'd like to give him a shout-out and also post a tweet from Thomas Woods:

"My life was changed forever when I discovered the philosophy of Mitt Romney" -- said no one, ever. Happy birthday, @RonPaul! #tlot"

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Posted on August 20 at 11:51 a.m.

Yes, emphasizing the fact that there are a lot of "outsiders" coming in to protest and causing trouble is being used to help justify violent crackdowns, even as those crackdowns may affect the local community and the local community may be generally welcoming of the outsiders and their support. Post up a couple of locals complaining about the outsiders in the media and bam the establishment has their justification to screw over everybody else. An interesting dynamic, borrowed from the IV riots.

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Posted on August 20 at 10:51 a.m.

lol, a 12 year old is in middle school, I was riding bikes wherever I damn well pleased by the time I was 8 or 9... don't give me any of this "the parents shouldn't let their 12 year old ride their bike in a certain place" nonsense.

Parents shouldn't be required to babysit their kids all the time, kids should be able to go out on their own and experience life without constant parental or educational restraint.

The Constitution guarantees everybody the right to travel, not just people with cars. Cars need to watch out for bikes and as sevendolphins said, it is a cars responsibility to safely pass a biker.

That said, this was an inexperienced kid driving a truck, I don't think he needs to get thrown under the bus, so to speak. He should receive a couple of traffic citations and his parents should possibly be responsible for some restitution for the victim since the truck was their property and they let such an inexperienced driver who also happens to be their son operate it while driving into the sun.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

Posted on August 20 at 10:37 a.m.

I feel like the establishment used the IV riots as some sort of test run for St. Louis. Just like in IV they are blaming "outsiders" in the media, people who are coming in from other towns and states to protest.

However, there is some merit to that considering there are known government operatives at the scene in St. Louis advocating violence among the mostly peaceful protesters. The establishment loves to position agents in the demonstrations in order to encourage violence so the police have an excuse to crack down violently on the peaceful protesters. That's what happened in the Seattle WTO riots as well as has been documented in countless other protests (and maybe even the IV riots - whatever happened with those three stabbings that were reported that night that were never reported on again?? Made up??)

There are also now mercenaries in St. Louis, supposedly they are there to protect Eric Holder.

The way the media and the establishment have helped to escalate and drum up this situation and the fact that the details are so hazy and there is all sorts of contradicting information floating around makes me think they are trying to set it up for something.

On Justice

Posted on August 19 at 1:21 p.m.

nel, I think the issue is that somebody whose life work is supposed to be the study of labor, race, gender, race, class, equality, women's history and social politics attempted to violently take away somebody else's right to speak their opinion in a public venue which is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

Apparently there is a feminist out there getting some attention who believes 90% of the male population should be culled and has promoted a national castration day for males.

She believes that this would reduce the violence and problems in the world we have today.

Granted most feminists do not subscribe to these ideas, they do promote the concepts that led her to her conclusions.

Interestingly, one thing she doesn't mention is that women kill more babies than there are murders, by about 10-20 times in fact. In that sense if you believe abortion is murder, well, then women commit 10-20 times more murders than men. Why don't the professional feminists who talk about male violence ever talk about that?

The fact is most people are smart enough to educate themselves about various issues on their own and we don't always need to be dependent on professionals from that field. Sort of like how a lot of Catholic Priests molest children when there is probably a very tiny percentage of their congregation if any who would ever molest children, yet they are the ones at the front of the Church leading everybody in how to live avoiding sin.

Sometimes the people in the front of the room leading everybody have an agenda. Sometimes your car mechanic might be dishonest. That's why it's important to allow people to educate themselves and think for themselves rather than turning over all of their cognition to thou which has been bestowed by Govt. aka God or some such nonsense.

On UCSB Professor Sentenced to Probation, Community Service in Theft, Battery Case

Posted on August 19 at 11:24 a.m.

It's wrong to kidnap and extort people who voluntarily engage in gambling.

On Montecito Gambler Avoids Jail Time but Forfeits $1.7 Million

Posted on August 18 at 3:02 p.m.

No, it didn't.

Nobody really cares about what bikers do at an intersection when there are no cars or people around, even cops with a donut up their butt don't seem to care.

The question is what exactly one has to have up their butt to care about what a bike does on the road when nobody is around, or what a person does that doesn't endanger anybody else.

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