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Posted on March 29 at 7:34 p.m.

Jarvis, you are wrong when you boil down the occupy protests to leftists and unions.

That's like saying Fox News was responsible for the Tea Party movement - Nope - Fox News hijacked the Tea Party movement just like the leftists and unions tried to hijack, and were somewhat successful and hijacking occupy. Occupy may have been tainted, but it was primarily a protest against the Wall St. and Banker bailouts from the government. It was a protest against the Federal Reserve and the police state. There were almost as many anarchists involved as their were socialists.

atomic_state is correct that these protests changed how a lot of people think of government and the police.

On The Wisdom of Mark Ward

Posted on March 28 at 7:50 p.m.

The guy's fiance broke up with him and they put him on SSRIs because he was depressed. When was the last time a mass killing happened where the person who committed it was not or had not been put on SSRIs or other similar psychiatric medications?

Look it up, these drugs often cause violent, vivid nightmares and daydreams among users.

As far as cockpits, they don't need navigators anymore because they have this new invention called a computer. A flight attendant is supposed to go into the cockpit whenever one of the pilots goes on break. European airliners are apparently a little more lax in this area. Hopefully this incident will bring to the attention of airliners the importance of having at least two people in the cockpit - this is only reason.

Airliners should hold themselves accountable for the safety of their passengers rather than relying on government regulation. Top-down safety regulations are a poor choice because it limits the ability of airliners to bring about new innovations in safety procedures that can make their airliner the safest one out there. They can develop a reputation around that, and if it is important to people then they can choose that airline.

On Bring Back Navigators

Posted on March 28 at 2:02 p.m.

"Loon, I'll admit that I'm actually perplexed by those photos. I never really looked into the whole thing but I would be interested too to hear an explanation." -sacjon

The chances of you getting a rational explanation for these photos are slim to nill. You will get mocked and harassed by some people for bringing it up, so thanks for your bravery.

Would anybody like to help sacjon and I out with an explanation?

On Santa Barbara Law Enforcement Acting on ISIS Threat

Posted on March 28 at 1:55 p.m.

DavyBrown the historical expert can list all of the things the US did to provoke Japan into invading Pearl Harbor, now doubt?

On Use of Force in the Ukraine

Posted on March 28 at 4:41 a.m.

Ken, sorry, but there was one section out of five of the Pentagon which was completely renovated shortly before 9/11 in order to help withstand......drum roll.....a cruise missile attack. It happened to be the side of the building that was allegedly hit by the plane, and it did it's job by containing the missile to only a few layers....these layers happened to contain the budget offices where many people were killed who may have had knowledge regarding the $2.3 trillion missing that had been announced the day before by Donald Rumsfeld. This was a $2.3 trillion money laundering operation, among other crimes. But as you can imagine, $2.3 trillion would be more than enough to pay off a few bad people, and possibly a few naive people who didn't know what they were doing, to help pull something like this off. The money also went toward various covert black ops, some performed by various private intelligence firms like Kroll who also very well may have had a hand in the attack.

Very likely, during renovations they installed demolitions in the walls which were timed to go off upon impact the the cruise missile in order to create a smoke cloud which the airliner could travel through in order to give the illusion that it had crashed into the building - which I can tell you, assuredly, did not happen. There is plenty of indication that the airliner did not in fact actually strike the Pentagon, although it certainly did fly right toward it as if it were going to. It was being flown by a software program. The transponders had been handed off from the planes that took off in Boston and Dulles to drones that had taken off from separate locations. The original planes that took off from the airports landed elsewhere, and I cannot tell you what happened to any of the people on the airplanes..they may not have all suffered the same fate. The planes were largely about half empty and had a lot of government contractors and military. The real planes may have been used to perform the terrorist drills the military had planned to perform that day, audio clips of which could later be used by the media to "prove" the incident happened.

On Santa Barbara Law Enforcement Acting on ISIS Threat

Posted on March 28 at 4:11 a.m.

"Many cowards choose instead to hide under their hoods of “anonymous” and pour their race hate out in the blogs and comment sections of various websites. Blame the Mexicans, blame the lawyers, spew hatred, stir anarchy to ignore the law. If anyone needs proof of the racist mentality that pervades many in this town, just read these “anonymous” comments."

Hmmm, well I don't blame Mexicans for anything... Some lawyers are opportunistic no doubt, I find Daryl Genis to be pretty entertaining.. but I definitely do stir anarchy and ignore the law at times.

I suppose if slavery was legalized and I opposed it then this guy would have a negative opinion of me, too. After all, the law is the law. Or if I'm against kidnapping people for growing or providing a healthful medicinal plant I guess that's a bad thing. Or what if I believed in only voluntary associations, I guess that would make me a real hooligan, eh? Hmm.

On Taking Racism Out of City Elections

Posted on March 28 at 4:02 a.m.

Wow, a utility lighter is a essentially a "torch", not a welding torch but you get the idea.. that's messed up..

On Alleged Girlfriend and Puppy Abuser in Court

Posted on March 27 at 5:23 p.m.

9/11 was an inside job, no doubt - was David Copperfield involved? That is just a theory. I remember him being really popular in the late 90s and then all of a sudden he dropped off the face of the earth and bam 9/11 happened, 3 buildings disappeared, witnesses saw a plane flying toward the Pentagon, then suddenly an explosion and it disappears, no sign of the plane at the Pentagon besides a couple scrap pieces, likely from an American Airlines flight that crashed into a mountain in South America in 1998.. no large holes in the building where the heavy titanium engines would have busted through.. but there was a hole three layers deep that looked about the same size as the hole in the front of the Pentagon which was consistent with a cruise missile or some such.

Pentagon police officers who were at the CITGO station near the Pentagon when the plane flew over were interviewed and swore up and down that the plane flew to the west of the gas station. They described where their cars were parked, where they were standing, and video surveillance from the gas station corroborates their story. Many other individuals in the surrounding area were interviewed who saw the plane before it crossed the freeway and they all corroborated the same flight path - west of the CITGO gas station - yet if you look at the direction of the damage in the Pentagon, you can see that it lined up with the downed telephone poles near the freeway onramp. The problem is that for the plane to strike the telephone poles on the freeway onramp, which would have also been consistent with the direction of the damage in the Pentagon, the plane would have had to have flown well to the EAST of the CITGO gas station..

From that we can surmise that the light poles and the damage to the Pentagon came from a source that flew to the east of the gas station at the Pentagon while the plane that everybody saw flying toward the Pentagon took a different flight path to the west. The explosion occurred, and the plane likely flew right through the explosion and over the building. With good timing, witnesses claimed they "saw the plane hit the Pentagon". The other side of the Pentagon just happens to have an airstrip. I don't know if the plane could have landed going in that direction, but it certainly could have veered to the left and up and suddenly appears as if it was taking off from the airport to an unsuspecting witness from another angle.

This is a common magicians trick, you take the audience's focus onto something else while you perform the trick. It's called misdirection.

Penn and Teller explain:

On Santa Barbara Law Enforcement Acting on ISIS Threat

Posted on March 27 at 4:47 p.m.

Ken, I don't care if they beat up on me - it literally doesn't bother me one bit - what does bother me is that I cannot get one single attempt at a rational explanation for the three photos I posted by someone who supports the official story. It cries of intellectual dishonesty and cognitive dissonance and it saddens me that so many people are not able to get over it and look at the very simple clues of a very simple case.

We can clearly see that the brothers had light gray and white backpacks - the photo the FBI released of the exploded backpack is black, and matches the markings on the black backpacks being given out by the Kraft International employees with the ear pieces.

How do you rationalize that the backpack that had the bomb in it did not look like the backpacks the brothers were carrying and in fact looked like the backpacks being handed out by the Kraft international employees?

Here are the three photos, once again:

On Santa Barbara Law Enforcement Acting on ISIS Threat

Posted on March 27 at 4:33 p.m.

I don't understand, a 5 year old detective would approach this case more intelligently and understand better than anybody from any of the responses I've received here.

This isn't complicated. Did you look at the photos? It takes 30 seconds.

What possible rational explanation do you have for the brothers having light gray and white backpacks when the exploded backpack was black and had the same markings as the ones being handed out by the guys in black with the ear pieces - who - by the way - worked for Craft International, not for the government - however as you should know Chris Kyle started Kraft International.

Additionally, what do you think the guys were doing who were handing out black backpacks?

On Santa Barbara Law Enforcement Acting on ISIS Threat

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