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Posted on May 23 at 2:39 p.m.

Hey wultenviron, why give politicians a job to do that they aren't experts at? Why streamline corruption? You know the oil companies write the regulations anyway, you know they will benefit them in the end.

Why not hold the companies responsible? If they fail, they fail. They sell their equipment to another company. Or they get insurance and the insurers and the company can do inspections and their rates can be based on some metric that comes from a company who will actually be financially responsible if something fails. Companies who are safer will have lower rates, and this will give incentives to companies to be more safe.

That seems a lot more efficient and effective than having a bunch of pipe-cops running around.

On Refugio Pipeline Shutdown Puts Brakes on Oil Production

Posted on May 22 at 10:13 p.m.

Yes sbindyreader, no doubt local corruption will exist. But is it easier to pay off 50 state judges, 3,144 county judges and 19,354 city judges or is it easier to just pay off 269 members of congress? The more centralized power is, the easier it is to corrupt.

On [UPDATE]: Huge Oversight Gap on Refugio Pipeline in Santa Barbara County

Posted on May 22 at 9:37 p.m.

"so should we expect the us to invade itself?"

Spacey, please, learn about the nature of government.

"Or made it an independent country again."-botany

That would be great for them, but I doubt the powerful interests who run our government want that.

On Laws Are Made to Be Broken

Posted on May 22 at 8:56 p.m.

"bikers spilled into the parking between the Twin peaks and the Don Carlos Mexican restaurant next door, the police were waiting for them. The scuffle became a knife fight and several men were stabbed. When one of the combatants produced a gun the Swat team opened fire with automatic weapons. Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that all of the dead were killed by police."

"All of the dead were killed by police"

"All of the dead were killed by police"

Here is the same confederation of bikers meeting in January, their meeting focusing on political action and pro-freedom legislation:

This was a group that was becoming successful at passing pro-freedom legislation and had a lot of political successes and clout. They were targeted and killed by the Feds for their political views, then they were maligned by the media as a group of rag-tag drug dealers so nobody would feel sorry for them or think twice about what happened.

The incident will also be used to drive Jade Helm 15 urban military exercises this coming July.

On Laws Are Made to Be Broken

Posted on May 22 at 8:45 p.m.

Ya nativeson you're right, but what have we learned from privatizing profits and socializing losses? If the company doesn't have to pay for the full brunt clean ups, then what incentive do they have to be safe? I've just gone through in detail the mechanisms and formulas that would be used to determine investment in safety equipment and bearing the full bore of the cost is essential. The other option is the government plays pipe-cops and goes around inspecting everybody's pipes, and when it fails then the taxpayers take on a significant portion of the liability. The government sucks and doing things and enforcing things, so it is better to make the oil companies and insurance companies have the right incentives to police their own equipment.

There are plenty of oil companies - if one goes out of business because they have a poor safety record and have to make a lot of accident payouts, then they will sell their equipment to another company with a better safety record. What's the problem?

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Posted on May 22 at 3:38 p.m.

"I don't know what point you are trying to make. But here is a guess answer. The messes made by Chevron have not been cleaned up by Chevron or anyone else. They are still messes."

They were probably all cleaned up within "regulation".

I'm against regulations - regulations that are written by oil companies and passed by politicians they have corrupted. I'm for holding companies responsible for restitution of all victims. That's called a free market. That is one reason why philosophical libertarians are against regulations, they end up benefiting the rich and powerful. Free markets regulate companies and hold them responsible. Government regulates small competitors out of the market and reduces innovation and safety.

On [UPDATE]: Huge Oversight Gap on Refugio Pipeline in Santa Barbara County

Posted on May 22 at 3:18 p.m.

nm.. I need a break..

Later I'll address the successful and growing pro-freedom political action group in Texas made up of recreational motorcyclists who were targeted, shot and killed by a local SWAT team and police force who just happened to be all "standing by" when it happened...not provoked by any under cover agents of course....

It was a great pretext for Operation Jade Helm 15 coming up in the coming months where Texas will be considered hostile territory along with parts of California for some urban military exercises. It's just a game!! See, isn't tyranny fun?

On Laws Are Made to Be Broken

Posted on May 22 at 3:08 p.m.

brake lol

On Laws Are Made to Be Broken

Posted on May 22 at 3:06 p.m.

Sometimes you break the law............Sometimes the law breaks YOU

On Laws Are Made to Be Broken

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