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Posted on July 23 at 4:21 p.m.

Not sure if you're referring to me, but in my example there is no "other guy", unless you're in Isla Vista. But barring IV, I'm saying that there is no reason why a bike should stop if there are no cars or anything around to hit. If the light is red, a bike should stop if there are cars to be polite and let the cars go - in fact I might even be ok with a $40 fine or something along those lines if a bike runs a red light in front of a car - but if it's a red light and there are no cars anywhere I see no reason why a bike should not be able to go through the light. It's not a matter of safe vs. dangerous, it's a matter of letting people make reasonable judgements on not forcing them to be beholden to things that are made for vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds and have an incredibly large capacity to harm other people.

The fact that most police officers agree with me and don't give people tickets makes people arguing with me more fascist than most police even are. Police will often, but not always, allow people to break certain traffic laws if there are no people around - a sort of 'no harm, no foul' policy which I fully support and think needs to be extended even further.

In Isla Vista skateboarders and bikers blow through Stop signs as a regular practice - they look first and put their hands on the brakes just in case, they aren't stupid... or in the case of skateboarders get ready to make a 90 degree turn to avoid the car in case they go through - but it is actually the drivers in IV who respect the bikers enough to lay off and let them have the right-of-way. Most drivers in IV also bike or skate, and IV is primarily a biking/skating/walking town, that's just how people get around. People usually only drive when entering or exiting IV. It's a great system, there are so many bikes everywhere that it just makes sense and it will always be that way no matter how much people here whine about it.

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Posted on July 23 at 4:02 p.m.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend with weed is better.

On A Friend Indeed

Posted on July 23 at 2:04 p.m.

waz - " guess I'll decide not to break the law instead, and just live with that danger that I'm supposed to put up with (according to you)."

Actually I'm one of the strongest 2nd amendment supporters you will ever meet, however, I don't think carrying a gun in SB is necessary. It is actually very safe here, you are carrying on about a single crime, which while very unfortunate for that individual, one single crime is not something that laws like this are going to prevent.

Most of the gang incidents are knife related. If you really don't feel safe maybe some pepper spray, if you feel so inclined?

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Posted on July 23 at 12:48 p.m.

waz, freedom comes with some danger. You can allow yourself and everybody else to lose their rights and personal freedoms in order to make you feel more "safe", but then you just empower the government. It's far better to empower yourself.

The government is the cause of gang violence to begin with because they have created a war on drugs that pits various groups who meet the market demand for illegal drug sales against each other in street violence. Violent street gangs exist almost solely as illicit substance distributors and they have to fight turf wars and they are required to 'police' themselves with regards to settlement disputes.

So when the government creates a problem, their favorite thing to do is come up with a new government solution instead of giving people their rights back. This creates a cycle of more and more government over-reach and less and less freedom.

But realistically, even the bad neighborhoods in Santa Barbara are some of the safest places a human could possibly exist during this time or any other time in human history. You cite ONE person who got attacked on their way home by people who happened to associated with a gang. It makes sense that people like that would occasionally commit those actions anyway, what did this have to do with a gang? Obviously gangs aren't funding themselves by robbing people on the way home from work every night, this incident you cited was an anomaly and even if it wasn't that type of crime would provide very little funding for the gangs. No, the gangs get their funding from drug money.

If you want to put the drug dealer out of business, legalize drugs.

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Posted on July 23 at 12:22 p.m.

Well I don't think anybody should be able to vote to take away somebody else's rights.

If you only let a certain part of the population vote, then they can create tyrannical laws against everybody else. Sort of like how we only allow adults to vote, and look what happens to kids....they get put in these weird sorta concentration camps all day, many of them are completely fenced off with armed guards. I don't call them concentration camps because they are killing the children, but because they try to make them concentrate all day.

Do the adults care? No, they are just glad they don't have to deal with their kids all day.

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Posted on July 23 at 11:35 a.m.

waz - "Do you really thing that your chances of getting attacked by a shark are actually greater than getting attacked by one of these pathetic little gangsters?"

Realistically I think they are pretty close, but I do go in the ocean a lot. But I also spend a bit of time in "bad" SB neighborhoods (and have lived in them before). Have you done the math?

"We don't have to go into the ocean. But, we do have to leave our homes." - waz

I do in fact have to go in the ocean, but I do not support a shark injunction.

On Judge Strikes Down Gang Injunction

Posted on July 23 at 10:25 a.m.

Sorry waz, not that I don't feel bad for what happened to the guy but I'm more scared of sharks.

On Judge Strikes Down Gang Injunction

Posted on July 23 at 9:41 a.m.

"At least we now know that Morgan Spurlock has the answers..."

No, Morgan Spurlock does not have all the answers, his most popular film "Supersize Me" was well rebuked by another film maker who made a film called "Fat Head" where he lost weight on a fast-food diet "while demonstrating that almost everything you think you know about the obesity "epidemic" ... is wrong." All he did was decrease his carbohydrate consumption by not order fries and sugary drinks and he found he could lose weight and improve his medical test results. I don't support fast food but I do agree that carbs are harmful in the longterm and Morgan Spurlock attacked calories instead of the true culprit of his waning health which were carbs.

However Spurlock is an intelligent and inquisitive guy who likes to go out and make interesting documentaries and anybody who humanizes large groups of people that the media likes to spin a false narrative about to make them into some sort of enemy is my friend.

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Posted on July 23 at 9:36 a.m.

I'm not saying you should just go out skateboarding in front of cars, but I've been around a long time and grew up riding bikes and skateboarding and I've never seen a skateboarder or biker, kid or adult, stop at a stop sign when there's no cars around in my entire life. Especially skateboarders going downhill, expecting them to stop when there are no cars is really the most unrealistic site I can possibly imagine in my entire life. It just seems like the expectations here are severely unrealistic. If there is a car coming and you feel safer stopping then stop. Tell your kids to watch out for cars and be careful. Slow down and look both ways when you get to an intersection before crossing. But actually coming to a complete stop when there are no cars around? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.

On Cops Prepare for Fiesta Cruiser Run

Posted on July 23 at 9:21 a.m.


Hess was up every night in prison moaning from a sour stomach and had medical problems with ulcers. Some believe that much of this was an attempt to avoid doing physical labor, but was likely just a gluten sensitivity.

On Jews Against the War

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