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Posted on September 14 at 7:59 p.m.

This is repulsive. The CEO of the UBGC of Santa Barbara is a monster. He never spends time in the clubs and doesn't interact with the youth of our community. He speaks down to his staff at the clubs and degrates them on a regular basis. I have walked into clubs after he has left and see how upset staff have been. He doesn't understand the clients that are being served nor does he seem to care. I was in one of the clubs while he was speaking with someone about the neighborhood and he miss spoke about the demographics in the community. It was offensive to hear him speak of the community as if he knew what he was talking about, but know that everything that he was saying was incorrect.

He does not know or care what the needs of our community are. He is destroying the Boys and Girls Clubs. He is running them into the ground, and I agree that the Board of Directors needs to take some responsibility in letting such a tragic thing happen. I can't believe that they all were ok with the decision to let go of Bernard Hicks.

The community needs to demand a change in Leadership for the boys and girls Clubs if we want this organization to be saved for our children and their families. The Board of Directors should be embarassed for letting this happen to the clubs and the kids. disgusting!

On Layoffs Hit Boys and Girls Clubs

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