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Posted on June 20 at 5:10 p.m.

Although I have personally seen a few cases of scientists whose objectivity has been compromised, it is useless to dismiss a study on that supposed pretext simply because you do not like the results of the study.

On Vaccination Bill Penalizes Schoolchidren

Posted on June 20 at 1:21 p.m.

I wouldn't worry about gphomestay. According to the article, they are moving their operations wholly to Ventura.

On International Student Host Company Buys Brooks Institute

Posted on June 20 at 12:29 p.m.

Well, for starters, minimum wage has not been a disaster in Seattle. In fact, a Seattle newspaper reported some time ago that the restaurants that did close specifically cited issues other than minimum wage as the reason for closure.

I read a comment somewhere that summarizes the issue well: "How you pay your employees shows how you feel about your business. You cannot tell me that your business model relies on paying people below the poverty line. You gotta have more pride in your business than that.”

An employee who works full time should be able to at least subsist on the wage. A well-thought-out business plan should account for paying at least subsistence wages. Otherwise the business plan is depending on taxpayers to pick up the slack through programs like food stamps.

To argue that if an employer pays subsistence wages, he would have to go out of business is not an argument against subsistence wages. It is an argument against the viability of the particular business. A business that depends on taxpayers in this way may not be worth preserving.

To say the goal of every business is profit is actually no argument at all. If we accept profit as the controlling motive, then we cannot blame employers for maximizing their profit by hiring illegal aliens. If we say subsistence workers should fit themselves for higher-paying jobs, that's fine, but how are they supposed to do that and still subsist.

A very fine business plan relies on the Golden Rule to maximize profit. Pay the employees more than competitors pay, charge less for the goods or services than competitors charge, and more than make up the difference with more productive employees, satisfied customers, and increased volume.

On Wages Remain Stagnant for South Coast Workers

Posted on June 20 at noon

“I look at the trends of tennis, and I wish it was more popular,” Mayor Helene Schneider said in closing."

Maybe it would be more popular if the price were more reasonable. There is really no good reason to pay by the year or to charge a punitive daily price. The daily price is too high, so people do not come. A monthly price would be great.

In addition use of the city courts at Pershing Park is too restrictive. The public is not allowed to use them until 5:00 pm because they are reserved to SBCC. However, the courts are empty most of the day. Or some organization may reserve the courts all day on a Saturday, but not even show up until 1:00 pm.

On Bogeys and Faults at Muni and Elings

Posted on June 20 at 10:59 a.m.

"Where's this guy's safety concerns and duty to community every time a bar or liquor store opens up. Yep, it's is just a matter of which sins are socially acceptable and which are not. And we already tried Prohibition. People are determined to be self destructive even when they know that it has been well-established that 80% of health care costs are attributable to smoking, drinking, and overeating. So it is pretty clear how individual can minimize their own health care costs. What I find funny is that people who want to get stoned recreationally use medicinal benefits as their rationale. Might as well sell Oxycontin with the party favors, then. Being stoned or drunk or high, as common occurrences as these are, are decidedly NOT normal states for the human body. It is mind-boggling why people would choose anything which interferes with normal brain and nervous function, except for treatment of illness. and if medicinal, implies a time when hopefully the body recovers and the medicine is not longer necessary. Of course, some people have chronic conditions and more's the pity for them.

On Marijuana in the City

Posted on June 20 at 10:44 a.m.

Well, here is a quote from a link at the top of the comment of every Independent page: "The following types of comments are not welcome here, and may be pulled or blocked without warning or explanation:

- comments that include personal attacks on writers or other participants in these forums;

- comments that make obviously false or unsubstantiated allegations;

- comments that purport to quote people or reports where the purported quote or facts is not publicly known;

- or comments that include vulgar language or libelous statements.

These examples do not attempt to be thorough or definitive, in fact we reserve the right remove or block any comment we find objectionable for whatever reason. Intelligent argument and good manners do count on our website, and free expression does not require us to suffer fools and boors."

None of these rules impinges in the least on free speech. There is a big difference between expressing your ideas, and lacing those expressions with personal attacks. Some people have argued on these forums that if they think (in their own judgment of course) that the personal attack they have launched is true, that it is thereby rendered not unacceptable personal attack, but obviously acceptable TRUTH. Ridiculous.

Think Golden Rule and charity towards all, and everything would be a lot better.

On Vaccination Bill Penalizes Schoolchidren

Posted on June 13 at 8:35 p.m.

Of course busier roads are more dangerous. However your conclusion does not logically follow from that premise. No one is regulating skaters to doing something that puts them at risk. They, in their own interest, should avoid foolishly choosing to do something obviously stupid and risky. The fact that a skater runs into my car on a less busy road may absolve me of guilt in your eyes, but it still leaves me with dealing with the consequences of the skater's own foolishness, and the unnecessary trauma they may cause the children in my car. Such foolishness is only magnified on busy roads. Skaters need to stay off the lanes used by cars. Let them use the sidewalk but stop for pedestrians. Let them use the bike lanes, but maybe they will have to stop for bicyclists, because they need to go with the flow of traffic in bike lanes, not against it as they so often do.

I cannot understand why you would expect others to take responsibility for a skater's own lack of common sense. If skaters show they cannot or do not want to share the roads responsibly, then of course it would be in the interest of society to ban them.

Not long ago, a skater unexpectedly blazed past me as I walking on a sidewalk. He caught himself on my tennis racquet and nearly threw me to the ground. Unacceptable.

On Gibraltar Skateboarder Survives Car Collision

Posted on June 13 at 8:14 p.m.

You do not have to assume I am right. Do your homework. As I said alcohol and tobacco account for 80% of health care costs of course along with overeating. It is specious to argue that cannabis would lower health care costs, when the most proactive thing people can do to minimize their own health care costs is quit smoking, drinking, and overeating.

Even if cannabis were found to be medicinally therapeutic, then as a medicine, it should be used only to treat a specific condition until the condition is cured, and then stopped. It is also possible that for chronic illness, medicine could be life long. None of this is an argument for a person choosing to use cannabis recreationally, regardless of its legal status. The only things that should be ingested are nutrients, and that in moderation. Alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis are not nutrients. As a general principle of health, non-nutrients create a negative demand on the body and must be processed out.

If you want to indulge in unhealthy practices, that is up to you. However, there is no point in trying to redefine such practices as anything other than unhealthy.

On New Pot Shop Gets Green Light

Posted on June 12 at 4:57 p.m.

Reminds me of the time my friend put my subcompact car on top of the dumpster at school. Pretty funny. Of course they took it down for me. Then there was the time they turned my car perpendicular in its parking space. Also pretty funny. On the other hand, I was the only one able to go home undeterred one night after drama rehearsal because the janitor had locked the gates. I simply drove through the school corridors and out.

On Police Thwart Senior Prank at Santa Barbara High School

Posted on June 12 at 4:52 p.m.

Is it possible the PIG was malfunctioning? Comparatively trivial example, but I remember when a local commercial swimming pool insisted its own thermometer which measured the temp at 81 degrees was necessarily correct and the customer's thermometer which measured the same temp at 75 degrees was broken. the upshot was they closed the pool for a while to install a new automatic thermometer. Another time they insisted that their measurement of chlorine levels was correct, even though it was later found after customer complaints to be far to high. Turns out they needed to replace the chlorine monitoring instrument.

On Huge Discrepancy in Pipeline Corrosion Measurements

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