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Posted on November 3 at 6:28 p.m.

We are so glad that Sepi chose to reopen. Ever since she took over the quality of the food has gone up. We missed the great food and service for the year she was closed.

Now we can stop by after Von's and pick up a nice baguette and a pastry. It is also our favorite spot on the weekends to have a family breakfast!

Thanks again Sepi!

On Xanadu French Bakery

Posted on June 19 at 7:53 p.m.

rcobban nailed part of the issue. Illegal immigration took off as soon as Nafta kicked in. One of the consequences of NAFTA was our subsidizing of corn put Mexico's corn growers at a massive disadvantage. Our government subsidies puts our corn costs at 2/3 the cost of theirs in Mexico. Now that we have effectively killed the Mexican corn industry what happens? People migrate to look for work.

Kill the corn subsidy and this will diminish.

Now I do find it funny that this article is written by a cuban talking about fair and legal immigration. How ironic that all a cuban needs to do is to step foot on our shores and declare political asylum and he is welcomed with open arms. A haitian, a mexican, any other country . . . NOPE. Try fixing that as well.

But there are other issues with our immigration system and this law. This law is still crap because it is simple. If the person pulled over is checked for immigration and the system says he is not, he goes to jail. What makes you think the system is right all the time? There are NUMEROUS cases of ICE having terrible documentation on people. Recently there was a case in Texas with a 22 year old posing as a 16 year old high school student. The kid graduated from school in Florida and was playing in basketball tournaments. The teams in the tournament recognized him and HIS OLD coach even recognized him. He denied it. The school checked with ICE. ICE said he was not the same kid. This went on for two weeks and then they said he was the 22 year old. This would lock up that supposed illegal for 2 weeks.

On Illegal Immigration Is Cheating

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